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Switching From the Salon to On-Demand Work Tips to Help You Transition to Beauty Freelancer

Switching From the Salon to On-Demand Work: Tips to Help You Transition to Beauty Freelancer

Are you thinking of becoming a beauty freelancer? Before you do, check out these helpful tips.

Be your own boss — beauty freelancer edition.

Tired of working at a salon? Do you want to expand your horizons and your client base? Are you ready to make your own schedule? If you said yes to these questions, you’re ready to start the transition from employee to boss. Read these tips to help you begin your beauty freelancer journey.

Let’s help you get started!

Advertise on social media

When you leave a salon, you will be leaving behind many clients. While some may follow you wherever you go, many will stick to the same place they have been going to for years. Since you are starting essentially from scratch, you need to put yourself out there. One of the best places to explain who you are and your services is social media. Create a page or an account and start posting away!


Find the right management platforms

Ask any business owner you know. Anytime you work for yourself, there are many different things you have to take care of — paperwork and payments to start a business, sales and tax permits, insurance, accounting, bookkeeping… the list goes on. Handling it all on your own can be overwhelming. Instead, invest in platforms that can help you keep track of it all, like ZenBusiness.

Know your worth

Solo beauty experts tend to forget this one. Many new business owners or freelancers believe that they should take any client that comes their way, even rude ones. You should never have to be disrespected or have your integrity challenged when taking on new clients. Instead, stand up for what you believe, and don’t be afraid to say no if you aren’t being treated right.


You can still be your own boss without having to physically book clients, advertise your services, and keep track of billing. That’s right — with just a few clicks of our app, you can sign up as a beauty or health PRO with MOBILESTYLES. Our app helps beauty and health PROs book clients, advertise their services, coordinate their schedules, and more.

Starting your beauty freelancer position is exciting but can also be overwhelming. Do not let your nerves take over. Instead, let us help you! Download and register on our app today. Then, subscribe to our blog to get helpful business tips.


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