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The Best Autumn Cardigans to Wear as the Weather Chills

The Best Autumn Cardigans to Wear as the Weather Chills

Who doesn’t love cuddling up in autumn cardigans?

One of our favorite things about fall are the autumn cardigans.

Year-round, it’s the autumn cardigan that is the go-to for warmth. Although primarily thought of as a fall fashion staple, you can wear a cardigan in the spring and summer, as well. Plus, they are a great extra layer in the winter. We’ve searched the internet for the best cardigan trends that will take center stage this fall.

Adding comfort, warmth, and fashion, it’s the cardigan that you need to have in your wardrobe this fall.

Slim-fit, button down cardigan

These cardigans are usually on the shorter side and can look elegant or professional. They aren’t heavy and they have a bit of a stretch. The button-down look gives it the desired business feel, perfect for an important work meeting!


Oversized cardigan

These cardigans are all about comfort. They’re casual, but quite versatile, as you can dress them up or down. They are usually long, making them great for an extra winter layer, but also a go-to for a chilly summer night.

Quarter-length sleeve cardigan

What is great about the quarter-length sleeve cardigan is that it adds a nice professional touch to a fall outfit. Maybe you aren’t looking for warmth — maybe you just need a touch of fall and the quarter-length sleeve is perfect. You can certainly wear these in the summer and spring, when warmth isn’t quite the goal.

Hooded cardigan

This will likely be the favorite for all you work-from-home professionals. Have a Zoom call coming up and you just need something professional, yet comfortable to look presentable? Grab that hooded cardigan. A bonus is the kind with a tie, rather than buttons.

As the temperatures drop, you’ll want to grab your go-to cardigan for warmth and comfort. There are many options to choose from and an assortment of autumn cardigans that you’ll end up wearing year-round. In fact, you might want to grab a few!

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