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Top Transgender TikTok Stars You Need to Follow Now

Top Transgender TikTok Stars You Need to Follow Now

We’re championing some top transgender TikTok stars to help refresh your For You page.

These amazing transgender TikTok stars will greatly improve your For You page.

Broaden your horizons with these incredible trans TikTok voices!

Looking to introduce some new content into your socials? These transgender TikTok stars are a breath of fresh air!

Nikki de Jager @nikkitutorials (she/her)

OG YouTube sensation Nikki Tutorials, also known as Nikki de Jager, came out as transgender in January 2020 and has since been inspiring young trans people across the globe. Her insane makeup tutorials and tips just keep on coming, as well as her trans-based content detailing her experiences and advocating for trans rights.


Jesse Sulli @jessesulli (he/him)

Not all families look the same, and Jesse Sulli uses his platform to document his journey as a transgender father. Raising his daughter Arlo, he focuses on educating others on the rainbow of family dynamics and the fun and challenging aspects of family life as a trans man. A real role model to young trans people out there who are feeling overwhelmed about what their future could hold, Jesse is an empowering and meaningful voice in the community.

Devin Halbal @hal.baddie (she/her)

Devin, a keen travel enthusiast from New York, has been on an inspiring journey both as a trans person and all across the globe. With a focus on the richness of world cultures, architecture, and fashion on her channel, there’s certainly never a dull moment, and there’s always something new to discover!

Lyrikz Rimene @lyrikzrimene213 (he/him)

As a trans Māori man, Lyrikz brings his own personal brand to the table and shares the ins and outs of his transition experience via his TikTok channel. Find out all about what it’s like for him living as a trans man in Aotearoa and support his journey by donating what you can to help him cover the costs of his surgeries.

Share the transgender TikTok stars that have been inspiring you recently and remember, tag us on our socials @mobilestylesapp on Twitter, Insta, or Facebook!


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