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Dorm Must-Haves for Every College Student

Dorm Must-Haves for Every College Student

We came up with a list of the most important dorm must-haves

Sending your child off to school? Check out these dorm must-haves.

Sending your child off to college is stressful enough without having to think about all their dorm must-haves. But, the sooner you face the reality that your baby will be living on their own on a college campus, the better, because they will certainly be in need of quite a bit of “stuff.” We did a little research and came up with the top 15 items that your college student shouldn’t live without as they venture into dorm room life.


There are many necessities when you are living life in a dorm.

Mattress topper

You just never know what you are getting into with these dorm beds. A mattress pad will ensure a good night’s sleep every night. Make sure you get one that is thick and fits a twin bed.

Towel wrap

You will get used to bringing your shower items to and from the bathroom every single time you have to take a shower, but what you won’t get used to is that cumbersome towel. The towel wrap takes care of this issue. It’s comfortable and functions well while you haul that bathroom caddy to and fro.

Blackout curtains

College students need good sleep, and that cannot be overstated enough. With late-night activities and sometimes not getting to bed until 4 a.m., blackout curtains will ensure uninterrupted sleep for not only sleeping at night and into the mornings, but for naps, as well.

10-foot phone charger

Who knows where the plugs will be in a dorm room? Outlets can be hard to come by! The odds that they will be in a convenient location are slim to none, so plan ahead and purchase a 10-foot phone charger so that the phone isn’t confined to one small space while it charges.

Small fan

Some college dorms may not have air conditioning. A small fan will keep your college student from literally losing it when they are already stressed about classes and have to come back to sleep in a hot room.

Extension cord and power strip

I can promise you that there won’t be enough plugs for all of your child’s (and their roommate’s) stuff in the dorm room. An extension cord and power strip are absolutely essential!

Mesh shower caddy

The shower caddy will become the one thing you might use the most in college. Get a good one and make sure it drains well. You might have to experiment with this and try a couple different ones to see what works best, but make sure it is also large enough to hold all your things.

Plastic shower shoes

You simply can’t enter a college dorm bathroom without shoes on. I repeat: You simply can’t enter a college dorm bathroom without shoes on. It really doesn’t matter what you get, but you need to wear plastic flip flops or something in the shower and at all times in the bathroom.

Make sure you check with the specific dorm on any other necessary essentials. You may or may not need to purchase a small refrigerator. Also, check with the potential roommate on any large items that you may not need two of. Getting your child ready to live on their own for the first time will feel a bit overwhelming, but with a little planning, you can make sure they are off to a great start with all the dorm must-haves.

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