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Still Getting Dorm-Comfortable Here Are 7 Tips for Dorm Living

Still Getting Dorm-Comfortable? Here Are 7 Tips for Dorm Living

It takes a while to get comfortable if you’re new to dorm life. Here are 7 tips for dorm living to help you on your way!

These 7 tips for dorm living will keep you comfortable and ready to tackle the year.

Don’t panic if you aren’t settled in and are still finding your footing. A few tricks can drastically improve your dorm experience!

With 250 square feet shared between two people, getting comfortable might take a while. Adjusting to your new-found independence, college campus, and schedule can lengthen the acclimation process; but these 7 tips for dorm living will shorten the process and give you peace of mind.


1. Set boundaries with your roommate early on

One of the first things you should do is set boundaries and house rules with your roommate. You'll be sharing a tiny space for the foreseeable future, so it's important to discuss your preferences within the first few weeks. Be friendly and open to compromises, but let your non-negotiables be known. You might want to discuss having people over, chores, or study hours. Some universities have checklists online that can help get you started.

2. Use vertical organization

So you packed up most of your life, or all that you could carry, and moved it into a small space with another person. How do you organize and manage all of that? The key is to think vertically. You can use tall organization systems to utilize as much space as possible. You might use stacking drawers, foldable bookshelves, or taller pieces of furniture to maximize space.

3. Invest in a good set of headphones

Dorm walls aren't typically made of thick material. You're going to hear your neighbors, and they're probably going to hear you. If your neighbors aren't a problem, your roommate could be just as distracting. Headphones can help you block distractions when you're studying or escape the noise when you need to think. Investing in a high-quality, noise-canceling set of headphones is a life saver for dorm life.


4. Stock up on necessities

Stocking up on necessities is essential for a more effortless dorm experience. You don't want to find yourself in a situation where you're in dire need of Tylenol or lightbulbs. You'll want to invest in basics like toiletries, first-aid kits, Tylenol, and other household supplies.
You should also consider things like shower caddies and shower shoes. You can find dorm checklists online to create a shopping list.

5. Keep your room clean

Keeping your dorm room clean is an essential piece of advice that everyone has heard, but not everyone listens to it. A clean dorm room creates peace of mind, helps you study, and helps you take pride in your surroundings. You don't have to deep clean every week, but making your bed and keeping stuff off the floor goes a long way.


6. Use your resources

Don't be afraid to use your university's resources. College campuses offer services like tutoring, money advice, libraries, free printing, and more. These services can help you in a pinch or make your experience a bit more interesting. Be sure to learn about your campus and utilize the resources that you need. And, don’t forget that lots of places offer discounts if you show your college ID!

7. Talk to people!

The last part of getting dorm-comfortable is meeting new people! The best time to talk to new people is in the first couple of weeks of the semester. Leave your door open if you're hanging out in your room during the first few weeks. People will poke their heads in, ask what you're up to, and you'll meet a lot of new faces.

However, don't just cave up in your room. Look for other dorms with open doors, and poke your head in to see what they're up to. Join a lot of clubs to see what's cool and drop the ones that don't interest you after a few weeks. Regardless of the method, meeting new people and friends is the best way to improve your college experience.

It can take a bit to warm up to the college dorm experience, but these 7 tips for dorm living can help you get comfortable and find your footing. Be sure to communicate with your roommate, organize efficiently, and keep your room clean. Most of all, talk to new people and make friends!

What are your best tips for dorm living? Let us know on Twitter at!


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