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Smile for the Camera 7 Picture Day Tips

Smile for the Camera: 7 Picture Day Tips

Make room on the wall, because you’re about to have the perfect photo with these Picture Day tips!

Get cheese-worthy smiles with these Picture Day tips.

Closed eyelids, crumpled clothing, and gushing tears are all hallmarks of a Picture Day nightmare. Individual portraits and class shots, when done right, give your child something to smile about while recording the valuable memories of the school year. Though any competent photographer will be sure to interact with your child and make sure their hair and clothes are in place, there are some things you can do on your end to assist them with the big day. Here are our top Picture Day tips for a joyful, stress-free event.

Let’s get your kids ready for the big day!

Pick the outfit beforehand

Your initial step should be to select an ensemble a few days in advance. You won't be running around (or fighting) at the last minute this way. Assist your child in selecting clothing and colors that flatter them. Avoid slogans, logos, and busy patterns — after all, your child is the focal point of the photograph, not their outfit. You don't want the look to draw attention away from your child's lovely grin! Consider their footwear, as well, especially if it's a full-body photo. Above all, make it a team effort so your child is pleased about what they're wearing, which will keep them happy and at peace.


Get a haircut

For Picture Day, any hairdo will do. Natural hairstyles, on the other hand, are recommended. Remember, you and your children will be gazing back on these images for years to come. You don't want your child to feel embarrassed by the time's wild, trendy fashions. Schedule haircuts a few weeks in advance to enable hair to grow back somewhat, or go for a clean-cut style.

Be strategic with accessories

While some excellent earrings or a necklace might complement an ensemble wonderfully, you don't want jewelry to steal the show. The same is true for headgear and heavy makeup — you want your child's face to show and reflect their true appearance! Instead, go with accessories that show off your child’s personality.

Get a good night’s rest

Beauty sleep is really important! A good night's sleep is essential before Picture Day, whether your child is in kindergarten or middle school. After a good night's sleep, they'll be invigorated and ready for their close-up!


Don’t over-practice smiles

When it comes to smiling, natural is best. If you over-practice your child's smile, it might lead to unneeded tension or a forced grin on Picture Day. Allowing your youngster to be themselves will result in picture-perfect results!

Stay relaxed

You don't want your little one to be scared the moment they go in front of the camera. Help them relax by not making the day seem too exciting. Tell them to simply be themselves and enjoy themselves.


Embrace imperfections

Picture Day is thrilling, and it's tempting to worry about getting everything just right; but it's important not to be concerned about the outcome. Instead, enjoy the experience as a method to capture your child at this precious age. Whether it's a toothless grin or an obstinate cowlick, your child is the star of the picture just as they are! School photos are treasures that illustrate how much they've matured over the years, and the flaws are what you'll learn to appreciate the most. Plus, are you really that cool if you don’t have at least one embarrassing school photo to look back on?

With these 7 Picture Day tips in mind, your child's photos will be simple, enjoyable, and memorable. Do you need to book a hair appointment or have a teen that wants to get their makeup done? No problem — MOBILESTYLES is here to help! Our beauty and health PROs are just a click away from you. All you need to do is download our app today.


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