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How To Avoid Freshman 15

How To Avoid Freshman 15

College days are back, and with that comes the question of how to avoid freshman 15.

There is a way to get a healthy start in college and avoid freshman 15.

It’s true that many college students adopt unhealthy habits once they venture out on their own. Sure, it is important to avoid freshman 15 — the trend of gaining about 15 pounds once students enter into their freshman year of college — but really, it’s about adopting a balanced lifestyle. Some students actually develop full-on eating disorders, while others may gain some weight, but not 15 pounds. As students begin their college life, they also need to learn about making the right choices when it comes to their health.

College is where you go to learn, so let’s talk about the first rule of the freshman 15.


  1. Don’t worry about the freshman 15: The first rule of the freshman 15 is to not worry about the freshman 15. Just think about your overall wellness. Are you tired all the time? Do you feel overwhelmed? Are you eating balanced meals? Are you making time to exercise? There is no need to worry about what the scale is saying. If you feel bad overall, you need to address those issues.
  2. Eat smart: Let’s face it, for many of your meals, you’ll be dining out. Choose wisely! Whether you are eating at the school cafeteria or a restaurant, go for the healthy menu options, like salads. Skip the fries. Speaking of choosing wisely, try not to eat too much junk food — especially late at night. Eating heavy meals late at night leads to weight gain and can cause problems with sleeping, as well as digestive issues. Light late-night snacking is OK, just make sure it is nutritious.
  3. Get enough sleep and stay active: I know it seems like an oxymoron, but staying active and getting enough sleep go hand-in-hand. When you are lazy all the time, you won’t sleep as well. Plus, college students notoriously don’t sleep enough. Staying active doesn’t have to be stressful — some suggest that just 30 minutes of activity for three days a week will aid in health and wellness.

When you avoid freshman 15, don’t go overboard. Gaining a little weight isn’t the end of the world. If you think you are struggling with an eating disorder, contact your doctor or a therapist. Seek help. It is important to put your health above everything else — you won’t be successful in college if you aren’t healthy.

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