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How To Deal With Hormonal Menopause Acne

How To Deal With Hormonal Menopause Acne

Don’t feel like you’re a lost teenager going through puberty all over again; instead, read how to deal with hormonal menopause acne.

Hey ladies, is your menopause acne driving you bonkers? We have some solutions that may help!

There is no denying that menopausal skin changes can be both uncomfortable and distressing (Hormonal changes, stress, and genetics, to name a few possible causes). Acne is notoriously difficult to pin down to a single cause. There is no need to worry because here are some ways to deal with hormonal menopause acne.

Find your best course of action below!

Take care of your skin

The first thing you’re going to do is continue or start taking care of your skin. That includes washing it daily with mild soap, using a topical antimicrobial or benzoyl peroxide, not picking or popping pimples and zits, avoiding tanning, applying sunscreen, replacing old cosmetics, and moisturizing your skin. Natural treatments are usually free of the side effects that prescription medications can cause. However, they may not be as effective.


Try prescription treatments

Prescription antibiotics such as Benzamycin, as well as blackhead treatments such as retinoids, may be effective (a derivative of vitamin A). Consider using a retinol or peptide-containing skincare product. Retinoids are notorious for increasing the skin's sensitivity to UV rays, so use plenty of sunscreen when using them. Retinoids assist your skin in shedding dead skin cells at a more normal rate, preventing dead skin cells from clumping together and clogging your pores.

Reduce or eliminate dairy

Milk contains precursors to testosterone and other androgens, which influence hormone receptors in the skin to activate the acne-causing process. The association with acne is stronger with skim milk than with whole milk, and among those who consume more than three servings per week. Although cheese, ice cream, and yogurt may be linked to acne, the link appears to be stronger with milk. Dairy avoidance does not work for everyone, but it is something to think about. Soy milk may also aggravate breakouts, so finding what works best for you may be a matter of trial and error.

Boost phytoestrogens

Phytoestrogens are the foods that are weaker versions of our body's natural hormone, estrogen. These are found in soy, seeds, nuts, and nut butters, and they’re beneficial to your collagen, skin, and mood. If you have a personal or family history of breast cancer, proceed with caution and consult your doctor.

Before starting any treatments for hormonal menopause acne, we suggest visiting your dermatologist. They will help you find the right treatment plan to reduce or get rid of your problem areas. Want to continue working on your skin (at any age)? Our skilled health and beauty PROs at MOBILESTYLES have your back. Download the app today and book an appointment.


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