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How To Turn 80s Fashion and Makeup Into Great Costume Ideas

How To Turn ‘80s Fashion and Makeup Into Great Costume Ideas

Relive your favorite decade with these nostalgic ‘80s fashion and makeup Halloween ideas, ranging from sassy to spooky.

Take a cue from our list and dress up in ‘80s fashion and makeup this Halloween.

Known for their big hair, legwarmers, cut-off sweatshirts, and leggings, ‘80s Halloween costumes are an unqualified success. Not only are remakes and reboots prevalent, but ‘80s Halloween costumes also pay homage to iconic pop culture moments, such as neon fashions and an extra serving of denim-on-denim. After you check out this list of the best ‘80s fashion and makeup Halloween costume ideas, get ready for your family, friends, and strangers to call out song lyrics, scream movie quotes, and gush about how obsessed they are with your costume all night long.

Let’s find your look below!


Even their workout attire was never subtle, was it? Back then, oversized flashy T-shirts and running shorts were quite common, aka everything you already have in your wardrobe! Or, you can go the jazzercise route with tight latex and legwarmers. Elevate the look by adding bright makeup and bouncy hair. Try this if you want to be outrageous and are looking for ideas.


High school movie looks

Forget about Regina, Gretchen, and Karen this Halloween — we’re going with the ‘80s school look this year. With those classy pinstripe blazers and pleated skirts, channel your original mean girl energy from the 1980s dark comedy, Heathers, that made popular cliques look so cool… cool until their untimely demise, that is. Looking for a more family classic? Dress up as your favorite Bayside High School cheerleader, who is known for her positive attitude and killer style. Kelly Kapowski can pull off anything, and channeling that cool girl energy with a crop top, short skirt, and sneakers is the way to go. Don't forget about the feathered hairstyle!

Pop divas

Nothing screams ‘80s quite like a pop diva costume (Madonna, anyone?) with a flashy golden leotard, black tights, a signature high-side ponytail, and a headset. Whether you're a synth-pop superfan or simply nostalgic for a golden era in pop culture, this glamorous and edgy costume will make you the center of attention at any Halloween party. Plus, you can’t forget about the fun hair and makeup every pop diva applied before any music video or concert.


Nostalgic movies

The ‘80s had some classic movies that you can easily turn into a look for Halloween this year. Dress up in Lydia from Beetlejuice's terrifying red wedding gown as everyone's favorite gothic icon. By using simple items from your closet, you can look like Wayne and Grath. Nobody will mistake you for Baby from Dirty Dancing if you put on a flowy pink dress and curly brown wig. The love story of Buttercup and Westley from The Princess Bride proves that if you find a partner who will always do "as you wish," you've found an absolute keeper — especially if he'll agree to dress up in this couple’s costume with you. If you're into the paranormal (in a fun, comedic way), Ghostbuster costumes are exact replicas of the jumpsuits worn by the original trio.

Royal wedding

This could have been one of the most significant events of the 1980s, and I mean that literally — The Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diane. Take a look at those puffy sleeves and that huge veil and recreate it! You can get a similar look at any vintage store, or you can buy this detachable tulle skirt from Amazon and layer it over a white mini dress.


Rock fashion

Rock dominated the ‘80s. Therefore, this look is great for men and women! Perming your hair is the most convenient way to transform and teleport yourself to the 1980s as a rockstar. Wear bright colors and knee socks or leg warmers over your pants. It may sound absurd, but men used to wear underpants over their pants. But, we'll pretend that's not the case.

Retro fashion is frequently seen as the latest ongoing trend. With the aforementioned ‘80s fashion and makeup, you will not only stand out from the crowd, but also gain an understanding of how to mix and match items from your existing wardrobe to style things differently. MOBILESTYLES wants to see what you come up with! Show us your retro looks by sending us a message on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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