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Research low-high end prices for each popular service

Research low-high end prices for each popular service

MOBILESTYLES researched and found out the lowest and highest beauty salon prices for some of the most common services — just for you!

We did the research on fair beauty salon prices so you don't have to!

We’ve done some research and found some of the more common health & beauty services and listed them alongside their average low-end, and high-end beauty salon prices. With this information, you’ll be able to make informed decisions when researching your next beauty expert for quality and fairly priced services!

When searching for the health & beauty services you love, it’s important that you find somebody who is reputable and will perform your service safely. But, the unfortunate downside of going to a well-known beauty expert is that you’re usually looking to pay a bit more for their quality of work. So, how do we know when salon services prices are considered fair, or just outright overpriced? We’ve got some average salon prices that should help steer you in the right direction.

Check out what we found here in this beauty treatment price list!


Brow services

The beauty industry seems to have finally caught up with the huge demand for contemporary eyebrow treatments! While these services can get you the brow shape that you want, we understand that it can be a bit confusing to navigate the varieties of different services available, and their prices.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the average salon prices for the more common brow services.

  • Lamination: $35-$300 (average $85)
  • Threading: $10-$45 (average $20)
  • Waxing: $15-$30 (average $25; very high end can go from $40 - $100)
  • Tweezing: $15-$25 (average $20)
  • Microblading: $250-$600 (varies state-by-state)


Hair extensions

Hair extensions, depending on the type that you get, can last a varying amount of time. You’ll also need to return to your stylist for adjustments and repositioning every few months, as well. We’ve gone ahead and listed some hair extension costs for common services, and listed some expected pricing ranges.

  • Tape-Ins: $200-$400 (average $300)
  • Fusion/Keratin: $300-$1000 (average $550)
  • Weave-Ins: $200-$600 (average $300)
  • Microlinks/Beads: $200-$600 (average $300)



Highlighting service prices can differ greatly based on the differing techniques, colors, hair length, hair base color, and health of the hair. Based on all of these variables, here are some of the more common hair highlights prices you can expect to pay for highlighting services.

  • Partial highlights: $20-$100 (average $60)
  • Full highlights: $75-$100 (average $85)
  • Lowlights: $20-$40 (average $30)
  • Babylights: $55-$350 (average $175)
  • Ombré: $125-$200+ (average $160)
  • Balayage: $70-$450+ (average $250)



Many estheticians will tailor the different treatments in a facial to an individual’s skin type, but will usually also offer a menu that had multiple services to choose from. There are also time ranges that can be altered for cheaper, or more expensive prices (i.e. 30-minute express facial vs. 90-minute facial). Here are some facials prices you can expect for each individual service.

  • Basic facial: $35-$90 (average $50)
  • Ultrasonic facial: $60-$100 (average $80)
  • Dermaplaning: $40-$65 (average $50)
  • Facial peel (fruit, acne, etc.): $80-$130 (average $105)

All beauty salon prices will always vary based on where you live and which shop you go to. Make sure you are always doing research before getting any service done so that you are happy with your results!

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