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Glam-Gating Add a Touch of Glam to Your Tailgate Party

“Glam-Gating”: Add a Touch of Glam to Your Tailgate Party

Plan an over-the-top tailgate party this fall and wow all of your friends!

Sports fans everywhere are getting excited for “glam-gating” — the ultimate tailgate party — this fall!

Remember the days when you just packed some sandwiches and drinks, parked your car in a parking lot, and sat on a blanket on the ground for a tailgate party before a game? Well, those days are over! We’ve all seen the setups with a flat screen TV, corn hole games, tables on tables of food, a grill, and impressive team decorations — not to mention all the drinks. These aren’t the tailgates of yester-year. These are “glam-gates.”

Take your tailgate party to the next level with a little glam.

It is all about the “wow” factor

Set up a table that will attract onlookers. Your “glam-gating” guests will not leave hungry. Flaunt your fandom with team flair in the tablecloth, the chairs, the tent canopy — you name it. Leave no stone unturned. Set up pom-poms, team props, flags, car magnets, and don’t forget the strings of lights. Presentation is everything!

Well, actually, eating is everything

Your tailgate will be nothing without great food, but let’s get something straight: “glam-gate” food is not fast food. You’ll be cooking burgers right there on the grill. You’ll be refilling fresh dips and making sure there are plenty of homemade cookies to munch on. Sure, it takes some preparation, but it’s all well worth the work.


Be a parking lot bar

You are going to want plenty of beer choices, but why not set up a little cocktail area, as well? “Mix” it up and add some drinks that represent your team’s colors. Variety is the spice of life, so bring some options to your “glam-gate.” Beer is great, but cocktails are even better.

Essentials, essentials

“Glam-gating” without the essentials would be tragic. You’ll need blankets, games, music, speakers, and all the tech needed to hook up that flat screen. Make sure you have plenty of flair, and don’t forget necessities like trash bags and napkins.

Planning the ultimate ”glam-gating” tailgate party will take some time and money, but you’ll also have the priceless memories. There’s nothing cooler than taking in a football game while tailgating in the parking lot of your favorite stadium with your friends or family. The energy in the air is contagious and camaraderie of the fans is like no other.

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