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Iconic Long Skirt Outfit Ideas and Styling Tips to Try This Season

Iconic Long Skirt Outfit Ideas and Styling Tips to Try This Season

We offer up a variety of simple style tips and inspiration to help you find your perfect long skirt outfit.

Discover how to put together a long skirt outfit with items you likely already have in your closet.

Styling a maxi skirt is easier than you think!

Maxi skirts are an excellent transitional piece as we come into the fall season, providing that extra bit of coverage and warmth. If you love the idea of rocking one but you’re struggling with how to style it, this selection of long skirt outfit ideas is just what you’ve been looking for. And fear not, there’s something for everyone here!


Go casual with a graphic tee + trainers

We’re willing to bet that this outfit is one that most could throw together with minimal effort, and probably without going shopping either! This chic yet super casual look is all over the streets of London and suits literally everyone. White trainers such as Reebok Classics or Air Force One’s are a great match, but any pair will do!

Embrace fall with a sweater + boots

As the weather starts to turn cooler, a go-to maxi skirt styling option has to be boots and a sweater. Again, you probably already have the ingredients for this one, so spend some time in front of your mirror experimenting with different combinations. Chelsea boots and a light sweater are a great shout for in-between seasons; and when it gets colder, chunky knee highs and a roll neck are a winning combo.

Smarten up with a blouse + heels

Let’s chat about how to achieve a more work-friendly look. A crisp, white shirt never goes amiss, but it’s also great to add a bit of personality into the mix! However, it’s best to keep prints to one half to avoid looking overcrowded. As a general rule, a flowy skirt and a fitted button-down looks great, whereas a straight, plain long skirt pairs better with ruffled, romantic shirt styles. Add your favorite pair of heels or formal flats, and you’re good to go!

We hope we’ve inspired you to pick up that maxi skirt in your closet and start trying out new looks! Share the results of your long skirt outfit ideas with us on socials @mobilestylesapp on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.


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