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Be Prepared for the Fall On-Demand Boom This Season

Be Prepared for the Fall On-Demand Boom This Season!

The desire for fall on-demand beauty has never been higher! As the days get shorter and the weather gets cooler, a bunch of us are a bit less inclined to go out.

Get ready for the fall on-demand beauty craze coming this season!

The time for fall on-demand health and beauty is here, and you’ll be able to enjoy those cozy nights indoors without sacrificing your favorite services. So, get cozied up on your couch with your slippers and fuzzy blanket, because this year, there’s no need to leave your home to get your new claws.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it's that tons of goods and services are marketable in the on-demand world of the internet. There are certain things that are done better in-person every now and then, like watching a huge blockbuster film with a cheering crowd. But sometimes going out to do something you’ll enjoy, like getting a makeover, just seems more like a chore.

As the nights begin to become cozier and cozier, those fun and casual trips to the salon start to take their place on the back burner in exchange for a nice night in instead. But that doesn't mean your health & beauty need to be placed on hold!


Holidays mean less time, more events

As we enter the fall season and the holidays begin to approach, many of us will suddenly lose track of our time with the variety of family and friend events that happen during these months. Halloween parties, multiple Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving gatherings, family photoshoots — there are so many different things celebrated in such a short amount of time!

With so much going on at the end of the year, its hard to take time out our busy schedules to make an appointment at a packed salon. That's why the boom in fall on-demand beauty & services is always an exciting time to try out apps like MOBILESTYLES!


Spend less time driving to the salon and waiting in line when you can have a health & beauty PRO come directly to your location, no matter where you are! On a holiday vacation with family? Order a service directly to your hotel room or Airbnb with just a few clicks on the MOBILESTYLES App! We have PROs across the nation who can be to your desired location with just two hours notice for any service you can think of.

With the fall on-demand beauty boom soon to arrive, take advantage of our convenient app scheduling and book a service ahead of time!

Have a Thanksgiving gathering to attend and need your hair styled quick? Book a MOBILESTYLES PRO quickly and easily through the app. You’ll never want to go to the salon for another service again!


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