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Indian Makeup Techniques to Learn From

Indian Makeup Techniques to Learn From

Traditional Indian makeup can add a touch of beauty to an already breathtaking look.

When choosing an Indian makeup look, consider the skin tone.

There are many different tones of Indian skin. We came up with some great Indian makeup tips that will not only make your skin look beautiful and glowy, but also keep it healthy.

For many, Indian skin is sensitive and needs special products.

Throwing shade

Picking the right foundation and concealer is not for the faint of heart. It takes dedication and many failed attempts, but eventually you’ll find that perfect match. Make sure you use a concealer that covers your blemishes flawlessly!

What are the best colors?

Indian skin tones look best with darker colors. A dark eyeliner, along with a shade of eyeshadow that almost matches your hair. We love taupes, bronzes, and mauves for eyeshadow. If you feel you need a splash of a brighter color, go for a gold. For other makeup colors, we recommend reds, pinks, and browns. Red lips look beautiful on Indian skin or even along the eyes.

Accentuate the eyes

Make sure you get enough sleep so you can avoid puffiness around your eyes. And also, be sure to keep your eyebrows groomed. As stated earlier, we would go for a darker-colored eyeliner. Taupes, bronzes, and mauves look beautiful against Indian skin tones for eyeshadow.


Don’t forget the blush!

You’ll have to experiment with different shades to see what looks best with your unique skin color, but we swear by a dusky peach to give a brighter look.

Lip service

Lip gloss in red gives a great pop against darker-toned skin. We recommend a lip plumper if you have thin lips. Again, experiment with the perfect shade of red, but generally you can’t go wrong.

Remember, moderation is key with any makeup application. You’ll want your eyes to stand out just as much as your lips do, so make sure you don’t accentuate one or the other too much. Use the products in moderation, but enjoy experimenting with different shades and Indian makeup techniques that make your unique skin tone look its best!

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