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Holiday Season Minimalist Gift Guide For Your Favorite Fashionista

Holiday Season Minimalist Gift Guide For Your Favorite Fashionista

We understand that there may an overabundance of clutter that comes during the holiday season. Here are some minimalist gift ideas for the fashionistas in your life!

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best beauty and fashion minimalist gift ideas!

Some of the best gifts to give and receive are something that is more useful than decorative. That doesn’t mean the gift can’t be cute, but that it actually provides a purpose that hopefully makes the receiver’s life a bit easier! Below, we’ve listed some minimalist gift ideas that we believe would be great ideas for the fashionista in your life.

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Consumables Products

One of the best minimalist gifts in general, are those that can be consumed. These types of gifts take up little space, and eventually they’ll be gone! A great way to get consumables for a fashion-lover, are to get them some of their favorite products (makeup, perfume, or hair products) that you know for a fact they love. You can try and gauge what products they use and may be running low on, and restock them on their favorites! Not only will they be grateful to have a fresh new batch of whatever it is you bought them, but they’ll see that you took notice of their tastes, which says a lot!


Clothes/Closet Organizer

This may depend on the living space of the gift-receiver, but a nice clothes/closet organizer goes a LONG way in creating a nice space for all of your fashion pieces. Assuming your giftee absolutely loves clothes, one of these is super important to help them keep everything where it’s supposed to be. It’ll make life so much easier, and save them a ton of time getting ready! They come in various shapes and sizes that can be great for any type of apartment, home, or even dorms.

Favorite Magazine Subscription

Does your fashionista love reading about the newest trends and researching new products on their own time? Maybe try gifting them a subscription to one of their favorite fashion magazines! This way they’ll be able to get all the information they’ve been searching for online delivered directly to their home! This is a great way to expand their knowledge as well, and shows that you’d like them to nurture that passion.


Mini-Shopping Spree

Not entirely sure about what products, clothes, or really ANYTHING about their fashion/beauty interests? Take them on a budgeted shopping spree! This can be a fun outing you do together where you give them a budget that works for you, and tell the that they can choose any fashion/beauty products they want or need. This is especially fun in a nice mall where you can both walk around, eat, and spend quality time together while also giving a nice gift(s)!


A MOBILESTYLES Gift Card or Service

Experiences are some of the best gifts we can receive, so why not gift them a nice relaxing day in with a MOBILESTYLES beauty service? Have they been wanting to get their nails or hair done and haven't had the time? Make a day out of it and book them a service that they can get done in the comfort of their own home at whatever time works best for them. This way they get to feel pampered without any of the effort of setting up an appointment or driving themselves to a salon or spa! Sounds great to us!

No matter what you get for your loved one, minimalist gift or not, we’re sure they’ll appreciate the thought! We know gifts can be a bit tough sometimes, so hopefully this list helped you a bit!

Good luck, and happy shopping!

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