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Get Tech-Savvy With These 4 Free Online Learning Tools

Get Tech-Savvy With These 4 Free Online Learning Tools!

The best way to stay on top of the digital wave is to become tech-savvy with these online learning tools.

The internet is such a glorious thing — it can give your information with a few taps and clicks.

It can improve your academics, as well as your professional life. However, where do you start, and what can help you? Here are 4 free online learning tools to keep you tech-savvy.

Learn something new by using these tools.


Let’s be honest — the English language is extremely difficult. There are about 3,500 grammar rules that we need to follow, but many people struggle with just the basics. Instead of getting confused about the possessive nouns and contractions or the right place to punctuate, rely on Grammarly to help you. This is an app or Chrome extension that points out and suggests grammar mistakes and edits. No need to struggle with your next email or essay! Instead, use Grammarly for all business, education, and personal writing projects.


Do you need multiple ways to write something? Or do you need a way to paraphrase or rewrite some notes? Then, you need to check out Quillbot right away. This extension takes sentences, phrases, or words and switches them around to create new sentences or structures. It will even explain to you what it switched or replaced and why. This is a great tool to have if you are a student or business owner working on marketing material, social media posts, or website copy.

Khan Academy

If you're interested in the world but don't want to go back to school, Khan Academy could be for you. Khan has nearly 4,000 courses in several fields, such as math, art, history, and economics. Their personalized learning dashboard shows you how far you've come and how close you are to reaching your objectives.



FutureLearn provides a diverse range of courseware from across the world. It's a free learning application that allows users to communicate with one another to discuss what they're learning and generate new ideas. It is both a people training software and a blended learning educational community.

With these tech-savvy free online learning tools, you will improve academically and professionally; but our list doesn’t end just yet! If you are a health or beauty PRO looking for an easier way to book appointments, find clients, and earn cash, then you need to join the MOBILESTYLES family today. Head over to our website to learn more or download the app today.


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