These dad bloggers offer wholesome content that’s great for your soul!

Are you a father looking for some fun activities to do with your kids? Or maybe you’re someone who just needs an extra dose of wholesomeness in your life. Either way, these are some of our favorite dad bloggers who provide great family-friendly content!


Growing Up With Dads

Jeffrey Wright and Brye Abplanalp are two dad bloggers raising their children, Ridge and Rue, in Salt Lake City, Utah. The family is very involved with the LGBTQ+ community and is vocal about the love and support they receive/give from and to the community.

“Our account is 'Growing Up with Dads'—[it has] never been meant to be about just us—[it is] centered on our family & our children,” they wrote on one post. “We receive comments about our 'poor kids' and even some commenting on how much they’ll be teased & made fun of. This isn’t a shock to us—we understand the burden we’ve placed on our children simply by them being born into our family. If we can teach Ridge & Rue one thing, it would be to love & to be loved.”