Got a zit that just won’t seem to go away? That’s where your hydro patches come to play.

Discover here how those fabulous pimple patches work to make your skin zit free!

If you’ve woken up to a white-headed Mount Everest that’s ready to pop and unleash cataclysmic damage on your plans, you’ve likely prayed to the heavens for a miracle.

Well, the heavens delivered, and in its gold-rimmed celestial packaging is the hydro patch (aka the pimple patch).

How do hydro patches work?

Named after its primary ingredient, hydrocolloid — a type of healing gel, these patches come to the rescue to protect your skin and absorb any ruinous fluid, like puss and oil. Stay tuned as we dig deeper into how to use hydrocolloid patches.

Understanding the “pimple patch”

Now, acne comes in an endless variety — from inflamed, red blemishes, to deep and sometimes painful abscesses. Surely, these patches aren’t a cure-all, but they can alleviate a lot. Similar to a spot treatment, these are applied to a pimple to heal it. Generally, hydrocolloid patches work best on pimples that lie on the surface of your skin or blemishes that are already erupting with pus.


What can hydro patches do for you?

While hydrocolloid patches won’t make your pimple disappear completely, they can help the bump shrink in size and decrease redness. The also have the following benefits:

  • Preventing infection: With a patch over your pimple or zit, you don’t have to worry about picking at the scab and causing yet another infection. These patches keep the area clean and free from bacteria so that your zit or pimple can heal without complications.
  • Removing moisture: Beyond just absorbing the liquid from the zit itself, your hydro patch also blocks other fluids from getting in the mix.
  • Hide the pimple: While some hydrocolloid patches feature unique and fun stickers, others are skin-colored and can help keep your zit as inconspicuous as possible.

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