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Pet Travel Tips for Your Upcoming Vacation

Pet Travel Tips for Your Upcoming Vacation

Traveling with a pet can be stressful. We’ve got some useful pet travel tips that can help relieve some of the stress of your upcoming drive.

Follow these pet travel tips for an easy, safe vacation for you and your pets!

You’re all packed and ready to go! You and your little buddy are heading out the door on a long adventure together, and your pet doesn’t have any idea where you’re both going. They may be a bit nervous, but luckily these pet travel tips are here to help you get through your travels with as little stress as possible.


Exercise before traveling

Before you head to the airport or on your long drive, it’s best to try and exercise your pet a bit beforehand. Pets can get a bit restless when under-exercised, which results in a lot of unwanted behavior like digging, chewing up furniture, etc.

Try taking your pet on a long walk before the traveling begins, or maybe play fetch or tug-of-war for a good amount of time to get your fur buddy tired before you both head out. This will decrease their chances of acting up or being restless because their energy levels will be much lower for the rest of the day.

seat belt

Buckle up in a seatbelt

If traveling by car, you can find various different harnesses that double as seatbelts. Driving long distances can be pretty daunting, and the trip can suddenly become a bit more stressful with a pet bouncing around the back seat from window to window. Having an adjustable harness seatbelt will allow your pet to stay secure in one section of the car, while also preventing them from falling over when you brake harder than usual. And in the case of a car accident, it can even save their lives!


Ask vet about calming meds

Some pets may be a bit more hyperactive than others. Sometimes, exercise just isn’t enough and they may be a bit too anxious on long trips. Luckily, there are medications that can be prescribed or approved by the vet for your furry friends. Be sure to ask your vet what medications you can give your pet, and mark down the correct dosages. Give your pet any medication about 30 minutes before heading out the door so that it has time to kick in and relax them beforehand.


Bring lots of treats

Positive reinforcement through treats is a very common way of training pets. This can work for tricks, commands, and for rewarding good behavior. In this case, we want to use treats to reward buddy for any positive behavior they display in the car, airport, or plane. This will hopefully help them to understand that they are in a safe location, and that if they behave the way they do at home, they’ll get a treat!


Try not to give them too much attention

Once your dog has managed to find a comfortable position, try your best not to address them or give them attention unless needed. If you excite them a bit, it’ll be really hard to get them to calm down again once the flight or drive has already begun.


Make an itinerary

Now that we have the pet travel tips for the actual traveling down, let's talk about the destination. Depending on where you’re going, it’s best to know where your pet is and isn’t allowed. If you’re going on vacation, this is even more important, because your hopes may get dashed if suddenly your pet gets you declined from certain attractions you had planned to visit. Know ahead of time where you’ll be staying and visiting, and what pet restrictions or fees you should look out for.

pet hotel

Look into pet sitters and hotels

Assuming your pet isn’t able to come on your travels and you have no one at home to watch over them, you’ll need to find somewhere they can stay while you're gone. If there are any neighbors or loved ones that can watch over them while you travel, that is the best solution. If not, there are plenty of pet hotels and boarding facilities that offer extended stays for pets. Some offer up to 30+ days of care for your pet. Certain franchised stores like PetSmart offer hotel services that are definitely worth checking out.

Traveling with your furry little friend can be a lot of fun when you take the right precautions. Follow these pet travel tips to ensure you and your pet have a safe, fun trip together!


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