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These Brands Are Repurposing Menrsquos Clothing for Women

These Brands Are Repurposing Men’s Clothing for Women

Traditional gendered clothing is sometimes not exactly what someone needs to truly feel like themselves. Finding the right outfit can be hard, but luckily these brands have men’s clothing for women that will make you look and feel good!

Finding men’s clothing for women can be easy if you know the right brands to check out!

For those who don’t love adhering to traditional gender norms, finding clothes that fit and look stylish can be a bit troublesome from time to time. Luckily, these brands have embraced gender inclusivity and have a great selection of men’s clothing for women.


Best overall: Wildfang

Wildfang has a great workwear line that consists of coveralls and workwear pants. They pair great with plain T-shirts for a minimalist look that really lets the main piece do the talking.

They also provide some great Ultimate Button Ups that have a nice amount of room in the bust and hips so they don't pinch anywhere they're not supposed to. They have a boxiness to them that give you the straight lines of a men's style shirt.

Wildfang is also socially responsible brand that regularly gives back to charities close to the hearts of the founders and employees. 


Great workwear: Kirrin Finch

Dress shirts are consistently the most difficult piece of clothing to style when bought from the men’s section. Men's shirts are often too big in the collar and sleeves, and hard to button over hips.

Kirrin Finch is definitively one of the best premier brands for finding men’s clothing for women, non-binary people, and trans men. The dress shirts are Italian-made with high-quality cotton and are seemingly the only ones that fit properly in the sleeves and collar.

Another minor, but important detail is that the buttons are on the right side of the shirt, as it is in menswear. Women’s shirts are more expensive to dry clean, and the gender of the shirt is usually dictated by button placement. Its a small detail that they’ve included quite nicely.

Kirrin Finch also has an incredible selection of casual shirting, chinos, outerwear, suiting, and more.


Rugged + casual wear: Muttonhead

Muttonhead is great for pulling off the more casual, lumberjack-type style. Its clothing is pretty rugged and can actually be used in many outdoor activities like camping and hiking

The brand is entirely gender-neutral and designed to fit a huge variety of body types. Their signature camping hoodie is available in tons of colors and four different fabric options - sherpa, quilted, polar fleece, and classic.

For women who want to minimize their curves instead of showcasing them, this brands clothing is great at making well-fitting clothes that do just that.

They offer great plaid button-downs that come in classic patterns built to withstand frequent wear, and lots of outdoor gear that do more than just look stylish. Their shorts collection also provide a variety of ranges that allow you to choose how much leg you want to show off.


Best streetwear: Stuzo

Stuzo is a Black women-owned business that empowers you through its bold clothes. They have a huge selection of graphic tees and hoodies that celebrate blackness, queerness, and womanhood.

Stuzo features a great push and pull between masculine and feminine clothing. Some items may initially come off as feminine, but the oversized, boxy cuts, and crisp collars add a masculine element that shines uniqueness.

The patterns are all so unique and vivid, you’ll never look boring in any of their pieces! Their models also showcase how their clothes will fit on you since they have a variety of different genders trying on multiple pieces for a good visualization.

These brands are great for women who want to defy the traditional gender norms, and reflect who they are on the outside through a more “masculine” selection of clothing. Next time you’re in the market for men’s clothing for women, make sure to check out the list above!


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