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Designer Fashion on a Budget

Designer Fashion on a Budget

It can be hard to feel confident in your clothes when money is tight, but it’s not impossible! We’re going to show you how to do fashion on a budget!

Follow these fashion on a budget tips to create an affordable and glamorous look!

Splurging on the highest costing items isn’t always the way to find the right look for you. With some smart budgeting and research, you can do fashion on a budget and create outfits that are ready for the runway!


Approach fashion differently

There are two different ways you can approach spending in fashion. You can follow the fast fashion route that allows you to get very cheap clothes that look like designer pieces. This is usually not sustainable, as the quality of the materials used are not that great and won't last too long (which may or may not matter to you.

The other route, is sustainable and fashionable clothes that will last. There is no getting around the fact that long-lasting clothes will be pricier. This doesn't mean higher prices mean you will be getting higher quality. You should always take a look at key thinks such as: fabric choices, stitching, and the reputation of the brand. If you’re unsure about the quality of an item, it’s okay to wait and do some research on that item or brand before splurging.

Certain items should also be looked at as a price per wear situation. Certain items, like a good suit or a dress that can be worn multiple times for various occasions are a good investment to spend a bit more on since you will get a lot of value over time.


Know when to spend big

There a certain items like your basic t-shirts, leggings, socks, underwear, and plain sweaters/cardigans that can all be found in mall brand stores or other chains for great prices and above-average quality. You can always spend more on these items if you feel like you want an upscale version, but these are usually something we can scale back our spending on.

Other items that require higher quality materials like boots and coats are items that you’re actually going to want to spend bigger on. These are the pieces that should last you a very long time (preferably YEARS), so they are definitely worth fitting into your budget.



Most designers will have some sort of sale throughout the year, so it's important to keep track of your favorites. Some of the best times to look out for a sale are January, July, and November. January is one of the best, as it is usually a very slow month for retail in general.

There are tons of sale sites like Gilt, Outnet, YOOX, and Hautelook that carry designer brands at much cheaper prices. However, shipping turnaround can usually be a bit longer and most will not allow returns. Either way, when purchasing from a sale site, always do your research beforehand.


Resale sites

Pre-owned is something that many stray away from, but it should be embraced by someone who is looking for fashion on a budget. So many products are resold after one or two uses, and some may just not have fit the original buyer properly. You can find tons of insane deals on designer pieces on resale websites like eBay, and you can always sort through trustworthy sellers to know who you are purchasing from. If the seller provides a detailed description of your item with good quality pictures, then you can rest-assured that your item should be delivered in great condition (or however it was listed). Refunds are usually not too difficult to navigate through resale sites and will usually just go directly through you and the seller. Worst case scenario, you can escalate it to the website support team and have them assist you.


Rental sites

Not dedicated to splurging on a designer outfit, but still need a great look for an upcoming event? Save some money by renting one instead! There are some great sites, such as, who offer designer fashion that can be rented out temporarily. This also works great for those who prefer to not wear the same outfit twice!

We hope these tips for fashion on a budget helped you find what you need for your next fashion show at home! To complete the look, book an at-home beauty service through the MOBILESTYLES App!


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