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Powerful Charms You Must Know

Powerful Charms You Must Know

After the last few years, we can all use a bit of luck to help us get through the next one!

Here are some powerful charms that you can place around to bring you positive energy in the new year.

People have been using these powerful charms for years to bring luck and prosperity to their homes and shops. Here are some of the most used charms in history!




The ox is one of the most loved signs of the Chinese zodiac. The ox is believed to be generous, reliable, and just. This powerful charm will give you the strength you need to beat any challenges in your way while also bringing and maintaining loyalty of those around you.



Dragons are one of the four celestial beings, being an extremely important symbol and sacred creature in Chinese culture. It is the most valuable symbol of luck, honor, and power. The golden dragon is thought to be a powerful symbol of success in recent years.



The laughing Buddha is probably one of the most well-known symbols and charms around. It is considered the luckiest charm used for businesses, as it brings abundance, wealth, and joy into the home and places of businesses. If choosing a laughing buddha for your home or business place, it is said to look for a statue with the biggest belly; because the rounder the belly, the more luck and wealth it will bring.




Like many other charms, the Money Frog is meant to attract wealth and good business to its displayer. It is said by many Feng Shui experts to be the most significant symbol of prosperity. The charm usually depicts a frog either sitting on coins, or with a coin in its mouth. This charm shoulder always face inward of its location, and never outward.



The Bagua is meant to be hanged above a door to analyze the energy of a space or room. The octagon shape is meant to involve the 8 areas that are essential in one’s life. It is thought to also be similar to a dream catcher, where the center of the mirror absorbs and traps negative energy, allowing the outer octagon to spread positive energy outward.




You’ve probably seen this charm around many stores selling a variety of good. It is known to bring prosperity and can be placed in any area where you want luck to come in. Many shop owners will place this near the cashier or entrance of their shop.



Incense sticks have long been used to drive off negative energy and evil spirits. There are multiple types of incense sticks, depending on what you’re wishing for. For instance, red is commonly used by business owners to wish for growth.

Did you know all of the powerful charms in this list? Choose your favorite and set them up around your house for good luck this year!


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