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You Need to Try These Fitness Trends in 2023

You Need to Try These Fitness Trends in 2023

Tons of fitness trends come and go, but that doesn’t stop us all from enjoying them while they’re here! Here are the best fitness trends in 2023.

These are the fitness trends in 2023 that you need to look out for.

Stay on top of your health by keeping up with the all of the fitness trends in 2023!

The fitness space is constantly evolving and creating new ways of reaching our health and fitness goals. Some of those have stood the test of time, while others have slowly faded away. Here are some of the fitness trends in 2023 that we’re excited about!


Oversized gym clothes (pump covers)

Some of the most common gym outfits we’re seeing these days all have one thing in common: oversized shirts/hoodies. Interestingly enough, they are being worn for various reasons and have even been given a nickname (pump covers). A “pump” refers to the temporary size increase in your muscles when you are actively lifting weights. As you “pump iron,” blood rushes to your muscles, making them look a bit bigger during your workouts.

Some are using their “pump covers” to wait until they’ve warmed up and have gotten a solid workout in before taking the shirt off to reveal a tank top that showcases their “pumped” physique.

Others are using oversized clothing to simply hide their physique while training, as it gives them one less thing to worry or be insecure about while training. If covering up makes you feel a bit more confident in the gym, then you have to do what’s best for YOU!


Wearable fitness tech

There are tons of new fitness gadgets being created every year, but there are some that have stuck around a bit longer than others. The one that comes to everyone's mind immediately is probably the Apple Watch. This piece of tech has revolutionized wearable tech, and many companies are always scrambling to create similar versions of it. More recently, the Oura Ring was showcased as a cheaper and smaller version of the watch that could be worn everyday.

Other items like heart rate monitors and sleep trackers are constantly evolving, as well. While some of these items fade away and remain unused, others manage to stick around and leave a lasting impression on the fitness community. We’re excited to see what tech fitness trends in 2023 emerge!


Mobile fitness apps

There are apps for everything these days, and fitness is no exception. Trackers such as Myfitnesspal are important types of apps that anyone should be using, no matter what type of fitness you enjoy. Whether tracking your running speed, rest between lifting sets, calories, macros, etc., you should be keeping a log so you can see how you progress over time.

The pandemic also allowed for an increase in the demand of social aspects within fitness apps, such as community challenges that you can participate in at home while others around the world complete them at the same time as you. For those who workout alone, this can add a sense of community and togetherness that certain workouts do not usually provide.


Flexibility and functional strength

Losing weight and gaining muscle are probably the two pillars holding the fitness world together. Almost every person ever has tried to achieve either of these two goals at least once in their life. Lately, the trend of simply getting bigger or smaller has fallen to the wayside a bit, while actual performance and flexibility has started to gain more traction. Despite always being a huge part of the fitness world, flexibility and functional strength have always sat in the backseat, so it is very interesting to see an increase in focus go toward these two!

Functional strength training involves performing work against resistance in a way that allows the improvements in strength to enhance the performance of movements that a person does regularly in their daily lives. And the increasing focus on flexibility may also correlate with this same goal.


Recovery equipment

While we all know the best form of recovery is sleep, we are always on the lookout for other ways to speed the process up so that we can get back into the gym and keep crushing it! Luckily, there are tons of special recovery items such as foam rollers and massage guns that can actually supplement regular stretching to speed up recovery.

Recently, there was a new mix of the two: a vibrating foam roller! With foam rolling being scientifically proven to help the muscles recover, the added vibrations that come along with this new recovery item should be definitely be more effective in stretching out the muscles!

While the fitness world is constantly creating new products and apps to keep health and exercise exciting, you should always make sure you find a diet and routine that you enjoy and know you can stick with. With that in mind, do be sure to check out these fitness trends in 2023 if your progress stalls, or if you just need something to mix it up a bit!


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