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Skin and Body Care 101

Skin and Body Care 101

Skin and body care should be something everyone takes seriously. Our skin is our armor against the heat and cold, and it protects everything underneath!

Proper Skin and Body Care Advice You Need To Follow

These are the skin and body care rules that everyone needs to know about.

We’re going to go ahead and give you an idea of the general steps you should follow to have a healthy skin and body care routine. You can always expand on these tips, of course, but definitely try not to stray too far from the basics.


Moisturize (everywhere!)

The simplest rule that everyone probably already knows about is to moisturize from H2T (head to toe). Moisturizer is your skin's lifeline, and without it your skin will become extremely dry over time. Find a good lotion or body cream that agrees with your skin and try to be consistent with it. Everyone’s skin reacts differently to the various chemicals in skincare products, so be sure to do research and find what works best for both your body and face.


Exfoliate weekly

Your body naturally sheds old, dead skin. That shedding can get stuck on your body, which can leave your skin looking dull and rough. Exfoliating weekly will rid your skin of this layer and leave it looking and feeling smooth again.

Exfoliation is also important so that you can make sure your skin is properly absorbing any creams you apply. Otherwise, absorption will be blocked by dead skin, which can be a costly mistake over time. You can use a dry brush or some pricy hydroxy acids, but the most tried and true way is through a simple and classic scrub.


Use sunscreen daily

One of the biggest culprits of skin damage is the sun. Not only does it cause our skin to age faster and develop sun spots and other damage, but it can also cause skin cancer. To protect from sun damage, be sure to apply sunscreen all over your body every day, and not only when you’re going to the beach or a theme park! Sunscreen is our best protection against melanomas (skin cancer), so be sure to use it every day for proper skin and body care!

Simpler and gentler baths

With showers, less is more. We want to keep it very simple here and use the basics: shampoo, conditioner, and soap/shower gel. You should try gentle formulas that avoid sulfates and other harsh ingredients that strip you of necessary natural oils.

Look for hydrating formulas that are hypoallergenic, especially if you have sensitive skin. Additionally, try not to use hot water, and instead opt for lukewarm or cool water instead.

Exercise regularly

We all know that exercise is good for your health, physically and mentally. However, there are additional effects that some of us don't even realize we’re benefitting from, such as healthier skin. Blood circulation through your body helps with distribution of important nutrients, along with elimination of toxins through your sweat. The increased blood flow can also make your skin look more youthful!

Maintain a balanced diet

The appearance of our skin mainly depends on what we're putting inside our bodies, just as much as what we put on them. The nutrients from our foods help nurture our skin, so processed foods and refined sugars can cause unwanted effects, such as acne flare-ups. It’s important to have a balanced diet that consists of lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables. If you find that it is hard to get all your vitamins in, you can try supplements like vitamin C or fish oil pills.

Ease up on drinking/smoking

It’s been proven that excessive smoking and drinking has negative effects all throughout your body, including your skin. Both drinking and smoking can dehydrate the body, causing much dryer and unhealthy skin over time. It’s best to limit these vices as best as you can.


Manage stress

Last but not least, taking care of your mental health is going to be a huge factor in maintaining healthy skin. High stress, no matter where it stems from, can cause flare-ups for tons of skin and other bodily issues.

This can be caused by a variety of different reasons, such as a lack of sleep. If you can, try to get at least eight hours of sleep and incorporate other mindfulness activities into your daily life, like yoga or meditation. Whatever you can do to relieve your stress and anxiety, try sticking with those throughout times of high stress.

Skin and body care is crucial to our overall health. Be sure to follow these basic tips so you can look and feel great!

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