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Face Stress Lines What Are They and How Can I Prevent Them

Face Stress Lines: What Are They and How Can I Prevent Them?

Face stress lines are creases on the skin caused by stress. When you experience high levels of stress, your body produces a hormone called cortisol.

Find Out How To Prevent Face Stress Lines

There are things you can do to prevent face stress lines.

Cortisol breaks down collagen, which is a protein that helps maintain the elasticity of your skin. Unfortunately, the more stress you experience, the more cortisol your body will produce. So, how can you prevent face stress lines?


Regular facials

Not only are facials beneficial for your skin, but they can also be relaxing and elevate your mood. In general, you should try to have a facial done often, in addition to your regular day-to-day skincare regimen. Always be sure to let your skincare professional know about any allergies or irritants you might have before your service so you can leave feeling rejuvenated!


Consistent skincare

Find a skincare routine that works for you and doesn’t irritate your skin, and try to stick with it. Skincare is extremely vital for youthful and healthy skin, and even if we’re being stressed out by outside factors, there are still some things we can control. Think about your skincare regimen as a vital supplement to all of the above.



Sunscreen, like skincare, is extremely impactful in how our skin ages over time. You can look up comparison photos of people who have consistently used sunscreen versus those who haven't. Those comparisons should be evidence enough, but we’re here to tell you again that sunscreen is super important for protecting your skin from becoming damaged and aged. Face stress lines, sunspots, and other more serious skin damage (skin cancer) can all be prevented or slowed through the consistent use of a good SPF.


Less makeup

Less is more, as they say. We know some products are organic and claim to not irritate our skin in the long run, but even so, the mount of chemicals that may be seeping into our pores over time is damaging nonetheless. It's best to use makeup sparingly, and to learn how much you should be applying, so you’re not over-using products and causing unnecessary irritation.



Acupuncture has been used for an extremely long time for a variety of different reasons. Some believe it to be a form of physical therapy, while others use it for their skin. Either way, it has been scientifically proven to directly trigger local healing processes in the face. The needle can stimulate skin circulation, lymphatic drainage, and collage production, all which are crucial to healthy skin!



Therapists and other mental health experts will always agree on certain methods for reducing stress. One of those tactics is meditation, one that is consistently touted as a great way to start your morning or end your night. Try partaking in some form of meditation that you can resonate with, whether it be something that you do alone with your own thoughts, or following along to an audio-meditation (there are plenty for free online).



Massages, in general, are known to relieve stress and help relax you and any muscle tightness you may have, including neck and shoulder tightness brought on by higher stress levels. Facial massages can work similarly while also increasing blood flow to the face, which will help promote healthy skin and relax your facial muscles. Facial massages have been shown to have a relaxing and rejuvenating effect, helping you look and feel better.


Diet and water intake

We can all probably agree that our diets need some slight adjusting to be a bit healthier. What we eat definitely affects how we look on the outside (skin, hair, etc.), but it can also affect our mood. If we constantly eat junk food, our mood will definitely scale negatively and will lead to other issues, like oily skin and breakouts. Water intake is also just as important, as our bodies are in need of consistent hydration in order to function properly.


Consistent exercise

Exercise does a lot for us besides just helping us lose weight. The increased blood flow throughout the body is extremely beneficial for our skin and overall health. Not to mention that the endorphins released through exercise can help reduce pain, stress, and improve your sense of well-being — all of which are crucial to our physical and mental health.



We all know sleep is important. However, sometimes getting a full eight hours of sleep at night just isn’t in the stars. Busy schedules, children, social lives, etc. — all of these things can all prevent us from getting the full amount of sleep our bodies actually require. This is where naps can come in to save the day. A lot of people underestimate the effects of a good nap, even if it's just 20 minutes. If you can squeeze in a nap during your lunch break, before class, or right after work, you’ll be able to slightly reduce the sleep deprivation and manage to catch up a tiny bit. This, of course, can help with stress reduction and overall health, including for your skin.


TV or reading

Watching too much TV is clearly bad for our health, but in times of high stress it can serve a useful purpose. Many of us find ourselves resorting to our “comfort shows” or movies whenever we are experiencing unexpected levels of stress in order to help find a sense of relaxation or nostalgia. Under the right conditions, watching a bit extra TV can very much help your mental health and serve as a distraction from something that may be throwing off your mood. If not TV, something else that can take you out of your current mindset, like reading or gaming, can serve the same purpose.

We hope these tips can help you prevent the face stress lines you may be dreading. Wrinkles will come for us one day, no matter what, but there’s no shame in trying to prolong the health of our skin as long as we can!

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