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Customer Service Factors to Consider as an On-Demand Worker

Customer Service Factors to Consider as an On-Demand Worker

When working as an on-demand worker, the rules of customer service change a bit. Here are some customer service factors to consider.

You Need to Look out for These Customer Service Factors

These are some of the customer service factors that you should be aware of as an on-demand worker.

While the services you complete may be the same, the change in location as an on-demand worker can really add a whole bunch of new customer service factors you need to be aware of. You might not have considered these things when working out of a salon, but you should be mindful when performing services at your client’s chosen location.



The most obvious difference about being an on-demand worker will be your workspace. Because you’ll be traveling to your client’s chosen location, you’ll likely never be working in the same place twice. Some locations may be less accommodating of space, so it’s best to be extra prepared with the tools needed to complete your client’s treatments.



Your tools are going to be transported to many different types of locations (venues, homes, offices, etc.), so it’ll be best if you itemize your inventory regularly, and take photographs of what you currently have after every few appointments. Be mindful of things like if you ran out of a certain product at one of your appointments and need to restock before heading over to your next, or if you left one of your tools at a previous appointment.


A big concern about working an on-demand position is your safety. When you work at a salon, you are surrounded by other workers and clients who can create an atmosphere of safety. However, working an on-demand position where you meet clients in their homes or other locations can be a bit frightening if you are not fully prepared. Be sure someone always knows when you’re going to an appointment, and if you feel it’s necessary, share your location in case of an emergency.



Cleaning and disinfecting your tools after every appointment is a must so you can avoid any cross-contamination between clients. This may be troublesome if you do not have the proper portable cleaning materials. Be sure you pack the necessary cleaning supplies needed so you don’t inconvenience your client on your way out.


Travel time

When working as an on-demand worker, you need to be ready for your appointments ahead of time. It’s pertinent that you include travel time in your planning, especially if the location is somewhere you’re unfamiliar with or it’s further away than normal. You should always account for traffic, as well, especially in busier cities where traffic can be a bit unpredictable.


Small gifts of appreciation

Client retention is a big part of your business, on-demand or not. One thing you should try to incorporate, is giving free samples of a product you enjoy using to your client in order to build rapport with them, as a show of good will. Small gestures like this can really go a long way with customers, putting you above other competitors and giving your client a fond memory of your appointment.


Bathroom and meal breaks

A rather different, but still important, customer service factor to consider as an on-demand worker: breaks. If you work in an office or a salon, you’re pretty much guaranteed access to a restroom or some snacks at all times. However, when working as an on-demand worker, you’ll be at the mercy of your client’s location and surrounding buildings. It’s best to try and use the restroom or grab a bite to eat before heading over to your next appointment. However, if nature calls after you’ve already arrived, make sure you ask where the facilities are.

We hope these customer service factors have been useful in helping you be the best on-demand worker you can be! If you need any extra tips, feel free to reach out to us on social media! Download the app and register as a PRO today!


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