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Which 2022 Pieces Are Holding up for 2023 Fashion Trends

Which 2022 Pieces Are Holding up for 2023 Fashion Trends?

It’s still January, and we’re already seeing new 2023 fashion trends starting to edge out some older pieces that couldn’t survive the new year.

Hot or Not: 2023 Fashion Trends

Here’s what's sticking around as 2023 fashion trends.

We’re going to help you clean out your wardrobe of what didn’t survive 2022, and prepare for what to look forward to with these 2023 fashion trends.

African American woman wearing purple jacket in purple background

Hot: Cropped jackets

Showing a bit of your midriff never seems to go out of style, and we’ve been seeing more and more jackets/sweaters/hoodies tackle the cropped look!

Man in suit and hat sitting on stairs using laptop

Not: Sneakers with suits

This was a trend that popped up and was seen on mannequins all over… for about a second. The trend didn’t really pick up for too long, and we don’t see it hanging around at all this year.

Fashionable blonde woman wearing beanie and flannel holding a camera

Hot: Flannel

Flannel is a classic staple that has made its way back to being trending once again. We’re staying hopeful that this classic will continue to trend for a while longer!

Close up of grey sweatpants and blue loafers

Not: Loafers with sweats

We don't even know how this was a thing, but it is on it’s way out and hopefully won't be back anytime soon!

Three handsome men wearing crop top shirts

Hot: Crop tops for men

Interestingly enough, this started to take off in 2019, but then the pandemic started and everyone seemed to get self-conscious about showing their midriffs for a while. Well, looks like this trend is coming back for another shot!

Asian woman wearing a leather blazer jacket in France

Not: Leather blazers

These didn’t survive the cut, and instead are being overtaken by the classic biker jacket. Honestly, probably for the best…

4 different women wearing fashionable baggy denim jeans

Hot: Oversized/baggy pants

It seems like the oversized trend is sticking around some more. We’re definitely behind the fashion world’s decision — bring on the comfort for a while longer!

Young woman posing with a dress and platform shoes in brown background

Not: Large platform shoes

Platforms are constantly going in and out of style. While they seem to be fading out from the 2023 fashion trends, we wouldn’t be surprised to see them emerge again sometime soon.

Agree with our list? What do you think are going to be the staples for 2023 fashion trends? Let us know!


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