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Have a Romantic Outdoor Picnic This Valentinersquos Day

Have a Romantic Outdoor Picnic This Valentine’s Day

Instead of going to a restaurant this Valentine’s Day, treat your significant other to a simple but exciting alternative — a romantic outdoor picnic.


Photo: Brittany Gaiser via Unsplash

Instead of going to yet another restaurant this coming Valentine’s Day, you should treat your significant other to a simple but exciting alternative, a romantic outdoor picnic. They can be so much more affordable, and depending on your partner, it might be something they’ve never done before which will make it a memory they won’t forget. Here’s what to expect.


Any memorable Valentine’s Day takes preparation. Picnics are no different. You should avoid heavy foods and keep things simple. Be sure to make any nutritional accommodations for your date in case they are vegan or have food allergies. Sandwiches, salads, and a baguette tend to be good choices for the main course. Have some snacks ready - strawberries, blueberries, and other easy to eat fruits are great. As for drinks and dessert, the same rule applies. Keep it simple. Chocolates will do, and if the location your picnic is held allows it, champagne is the popular choice as a beverage.  


You’ll need an old-fashioned picnic basket, you can find them at most home good stores, or online. If a basket isn’t available, use a tote or cloth bag that looks nice. Bring silverware, cups, and lots of napkins, as well as a bag to throw away all your trash. Last but not least, you’ll need a big and comfortable blanket to sit on.


This step is the most important and probably the most time-consuming. If this is your first picnic, finding the perfect location can be challenging. Think about your date and what they like. Do they love the beach, the woods, the sun, or the shade? Setting the mood is everything, be sure to give it lots of thought. Make sure the location you choose allows you to bring everything you want. Check the weather and be sure to leave early on the day of your picnic.

Last step? Have fun! Enjoy each other’s company this Valentine’s Day!


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