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Hair Removal Techniques Nose Waxing Process

Hair Removal Techniques: Nose Waxing Process

Want to know how a waxing technician removes ALL the hair inside your nose?


Nose hairs are something I never really noticed, let alone given it enough attention. But the other day, I accompanied my sister to her eyebrow waxing appointment, and the beautician asked me if I wanted my upper lip and nose hairs waxed while I waited for her. Now, I was accustomed to beauticians asking me about my upper lip, but never my nose hairs. I was caught off guard. Did I want my nose hairs waxed?

I told the waxing technician that I needed a minute to think. It never occurred to me that my nose hairs needed to be waxed. And, in all fairness, I wasn’t exactly sure how they would remove all the hair in my nose in the first place. So, I decided to do some research to discover how.

The Nose Waxing Process

How does the waxing technician remove ALL the hair inside your nose, you wonder? Well, the process is done by placing a thin layer of wax on a wooden stick and inserting that wax stick inside your nose. Then after a few seconds, the beautician will yank the sticks out of your nose. Your result? A hair-free nostril.

After some consideration, I decided to get my nose hairs waxed. Because, why not? When the beautician pulled the wooden sticks from my nose, my eyes watered, but it wasn’t too painful. I did sneeze for a bit after though.

Was waxing my nose a necessity? No. Will I ever do it again? Probably not. However, I was curious about the experience, and I’m glad I went through with the experience.

If you want to get your nose waxed, go for it. But remember it isn’t necessary.


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