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How Companies Can Provide Quality RampR

How Companies Can Provide Quality R&R

Show your appreciation for all of their hard work — here's how you can give your employees some R&R, courtesy of MOBILESTYLES mobile beauty services.


Image by Bethany Legg with Unsplash

Between the long hours of work and a few hours of sleep that a job presents, there is very little time to find some precious moments for oneself. No matter if you absolutely love your job or wish you could quit your nine to five and start all over, there will always be days when you find yourself needing and craving just a little bit of time for the chance at relaxation.

The beautiful thing about this world is, we are all different. For example, to name a very subtle variation, some of us can work for hours on end without rest, while others find themselves nodding off simply due to the fact that we are human, but the one thing all of us have in common, is the need for self-love. However, due to the business of work life, it can be a lot easier said than done... especially when we barely even have time to make our beds in the mornings.

So, unfortunately for some of us, the time and effort that we put into our work take away from our time to kick back and relax, along with the chances to pamper ourselves. While all of these sound exhausting and a wee bit depressing, there is a bright side that gives all corporations, big or small, out there the beautiful option of gifting relaxation... and that gift comes in the form of an app called Mobile Styles.

You see, Mobile Styles is the leading on-demand beauty and health app in the U.S., and the purpose of the app is to deliver talented professionals to the consumer at anytime, anywhere! The PROs offer services such as barber, braids, hair color, eyelash extensions, hair stylists, makeup, massages, skin care, manicures, and 100+ other services to select from!

Basically, what I am getting at here is, if you are a corporation, or if your job demands lots of your time, it would be nice to gift you and your employees some time for self-love and personal care. By purchasing Mobile Styles gift cards you can easily give those in your life who are overworked, or simply workaholics, the chance to pamper themselves without having to leave the office... so most likely you’ll be gifting them their dream come true.


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