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How Flight Attendants Benefit from Beauty On-Demand nbsp

How Flight Attendants Benefit from Beauty On-Demand  

They’re always focusing more on others than themselves. Here’s why flight attendants deserve to get beauty on-demand services through MOBILESTYLES.


Image by Neonbrand with Unsplash

As we all know, traveling can be taxing on the body and skin. Between long flights and short layovers, flight attendants have very busy and overwhelming schedules. Throughout their long days, flight attendants are constantly making sure others are comfortable, with very little time to check up on themselves and listen to their bodies on how they are feeling. The job also tends to come with the difficulty of landing in different cities on very regular occasions, leaving the flight attendants high and dry with little information on where to go for good food, fun things to do, and most importantly, reliable professionals.

Luckily, this last issue has been resolved with the on-demand beauty app, Mobile Styles. You see, Mobile Styles is the leading on-demand beauty and health app in the U.S. that provides users with the option to get talented professionals delivered to them at anytime, anywhere. The app along with the professionals offer services such as barbers, braids, hair color, eyelash extensions, hair stylists, makeup, massages, facials, and 100+ other services to select from! Basically, Mobile Styles is an app that will not only solve all relaxation issues but will deliver the problem solver straight to your door with no hassle.

To put it in simple terms, Mobile Styles is an exhausted flight attendants dream come true. Between layovers, no matter if they are just short enough to grab a coffee and have a few hours to chill and/or kill, or long enough to throw in a leisurely stroll through the random city they landed in, Mobile Styles can help out with getting flight attendants fresh and ready for their next journey. This app is currently available in Los Angeles, and will soon be available in Seattle, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, Orange County, Portland, Sacramento, Austin, Atlanta, Boston, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Las Vegas, Houston, & Washington DC. So, with this coverage, if you’re a flight attendant and find yourself struggling to get your face feeling fresh and young again, or your back screaming for a massage, or even just want a hairdo that won’t fall during your next couple flights, this app is for you, and trust me when I say you’ll love it on the first go.


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