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Different Types of Facials for Different Skin Types

Different Types of Facials for Different Skin Types

Every facial depends heavily on the skin of the person receiving it. We’re breaking down the different types of facials for specific skin types!


Facials have always been a difficult thing for me to take seriously and validate paying for. I have always taken the extra step to clean my face and make sure breakouts are rare. I have never truly understood why I would need to go somewhere to have that done for me... and then I did. My first facial was actually very recently and when I went, I learned more about my skin than I ever thought was possible, as well as the fact that there are various types of facials for various skin types.

The most common type of facial that can be pretty versatile amongst skin types is the basic mask, steam, and extraction facial. This type of service will make the skin brighter and remove dead skin cells, blackheads, and dirt from the pores. This facial is for you if you are new to the process and simply want a little extra attention paid to your face. I walked away from this feeling clean, brighter, and moisturized, but with a small amount of redness left over from the extraction, which can easily be requested to not be part of the service.


For those of you who have issues with acne buildup, there is an acne removal and reduction facial that is available. This facial focuses on using products that scrub out the pores and is followed by extraction to clean out the skin. This type of service helps remove the face's oil buildup in specific areas that can cause acne and makes the facial skin more balanced.

Next is the facial for those of you who are looking for a relaxing day at the spa. The aromatherapy facial is done with calming oils. This facial is not only meant to benefit the skin by making it brighter and younger looking, but it also calms the body and brain which can benefit the skin greatly in the long run.

Lastly, the chemical peel facial. This type of facial is more invasive than the others in the sense that it has a bit of a recovery period. Here the esthetician applies a type of mask that causes layers of your skin to peel off over a few days. Don’t worry, it’s a lot more mellow than it sounds. This procedure is used to reduce dark spots, dull skin, and open up a new layer of skin that looks younger and fresher.

While there are many, many more types of facials out there, these are the few that I feel are most important to know about. However, when you go to get your facial, make sure you talk to your esthetician about your skin type and any issues you may have. This is important because they can create a specific mask and regimen for your skin type and make sure they’re hitting all the factors that you came in for!


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