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What Not to Do When Yoursquore Feeling Spontaneous

What Not to Do When You’re Feeling Spontaneous

There comes a time in everyone's life when they want to do something impulsive. However, there are some things you should not do when feeling spontaneous.


There comes a time or multiple times in everyone’s life when it seems like a good idea to switch up their appearance. Whether it’s a breakup that pushes us to think and feel that change will do us some good or simply because we have become bored of what we see every morning, there’s no one I know that hasn’t felt this way at least for a hot second. Sometimes this urge can push and pull us in a positive direction, such as creating a new far-reaching workout plan. But then there are the other times when this spontaneous feeling leads us to do things a little more radical, such as dying your hair black.

So, instead of letting this little jolt of excitement push you in bold ways that may cause you to leap up in the middle of the night, take it from me and DON’T do these things... or at least sit on the idea for a little longer than a few minutes.

To start us off on what not to do, I am going to go with the obvious... DON’T dye your hair a color that is completely opposite from what you have now, and especially don’t do it out of a box. Instead, if you have blonde hair, maybe do a few lowlights to darken it, or if you have dark hair, add in some light brown tones into it. Whatever you do, don’t do the full head in a color that you haven’t truly thought about, otherwise, you may regret it and have to spend lots more money to revert. If you do decide to lighten or darken or alter your hair color, make sure you get a professional to do it, otherwise, you can damage your beautiful locks pretty badly, and you never know if your friend is actually as good at box dye as they say they are.  


With this spontaneous urge for change, comes the want to clean out your closet space. This is a great idea, in theory, because cleaning your closet is a very good way to cleanse your spirit. When you’re going through this type of emotion, however, you should always think twice before emptying the closet. You'll never know when you’ll think back and wish you kept that versatile white sweater. So, before you rid your closet of any excess clothing, double check with yourself that you truly won’t wear that item.

Lastly, don’t sign up for anything that requires you to pay a monthly fee and comes with some sort of contract towards it. Yes, I am talking about the gym. Similar to the closet cleaning, joining a gym is a great idea, but only do this when you’re absolutely sure it’s what you want. A lot of gyms make you sign a year-long contract, so when your spontaneity wears off, you may look back and wonder what you were thinking. Trust me, this is coming from experience. Instead, go find a running route outside and do that for a few weeks before committing to something larger.  


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