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These Are the Top 10 Beauty-Obsessed Cities in the US

These Are the Top 10 Beauty-Obsessed Cities in the U.S.

The Kardashians have entered the chat, and many people are taking drastic measures to look like them. Here are the top beauty-obsessed cities in the U.S.


We are all obsessed with beauty, and anyone saying they aren’t - are lying. There’s no shame in wanting to look like your absolute best self. With the help of beauty products like foundation, eyeliner, and contour, anyone can look like a Kardashian. Plus, those who can afford cosmetic procedures, can ultimately enhance their natural features however they please. According to Reuters, American women spend $7 billion per year on cosmetic products. Thanks to places like Sephora, Target, and Ulta, the average woman can find whatever cosmetic product the need (or maybe not need, but decide they need when they walk into the store). Thanks to the pressure of social media such as Instagram, Pinterest, and even YouTube, women and men are bombarded with pictures of the “ideal” look. It’s no wonder why we are all obsessed with beauty.  

Sure, we all love beauty products and beautiful people, but do you live in a city that truly is OBSESSED with beauty? According to FourSquare, these are the top 10 cities obsessing over beauty.

  1. Fresno, CA

  2. Lubbock, TX

  3. Tulsa, OK

  4. Champaign, IL

  5. Las Vegas, NV

  6. Atlantic City, NJ

  7. San Francisco, CA

  8. New York, NY

  9. Houston, TX

  10. Pensacola, FL


I know, I too am shocked that Los Angeles isn’t in the list! Sidenote, Miami was also named the “Vainest” city.

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