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4 Different Types of Yoga and Their Benefits

4 Different Types of Yoga and Their Benefits

Busy PROs of America, do you feel trapped in a grind? Unable to spend time with loved ones or enjoy hobbies? Work-life harmony can be had — read on!

From the mental benefits of Anusara Yoga to the dance party in Yoga Sculpt, there is a class for just about anyone. Personally, I was one of the many people who had zero interest in the “boring” mentality of yoga, and before I tried it I continued to convince myself that I couldn’t sit still for that long. Little did I know there was a class that got me moving and jumping! One thing about yoga that people don’t seem to mention or shine a light on is there are many different types. Today, we'll learn the benefits of each type of yoga and which ones exert more energy than the other.

1.     Anusara Yoga

Anusara yoga is for the Zen in you. This type of yoga is meant to calm you and teach you balance and steadiness within a variety of movements. With deep breathing that correlates with each movement, you will leave this class feeling limber and peaceful. This class is recommended for people looking to re-energize and refocus on things that matter most.

2.     Bikram Yoga

You may also know this as hot yoga. The difference between Bikram and hot yoga sits in the movements. In this class, you are challenged to get your sweat on while working on your balance. With a heated classroom of up to 105 degrees, Bikram is for the yogi who wants to be pushed to their limits. Similar to Anusara, heated yoga focuses on the balance of mind and body, in more extreme conditions.

3.     Vinyasa Yoga

This certain type of yoga is for the “focus on the present” mentality in you. Vinyasa yoga challenges you to remember a flow of movements that all run smoothly together. The focus that Vinyasa yoga requires pushes the yogi to be present on the mat and truly focus on the challenge at hand. These classes are for the mentally and physically athletic type who is ready to become a true yogi.

4.     Yoga Sculpt

Sculpting yoga is my favorite! It challenges me to stay in the present. Yoga sculpt works you out physically and mentally as you work on your Vinyasa Flow, cardio, and a weighted workout, all while in a 95-97 degree room temperature.

No matter what your level of fitness is, there's always the perfect kind of yoga class to challenge you mentally and physically. From an easy beginner class that calms your mind to a more advanced sculpt class, you'll open your world to the fun world of yoga and its plethora of benefits.  



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