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Get Glammed with Mobile Styles

Get Glammed with Mobile Styles

Mobile Styles doesn’t only make our “on-the-go” lifestyle easier, it makes our special days more fun

If you live in Los Angeles as I do, you probably divide your time between work and social events. Let’s face it! Every week there is something going on in Los Angeles. You may or may not get invited to private events. You may or may not go out with your friends every other week. You may or may not go out on dates, but more likely you’re a busy boss girl who likes to look good and feel good every day. I mean, who doesn’t?


The real question here is, how do you even have time to take care of yourself? I’m talking about "me time." You know, a beauty Sunday in the middle of the week because we all know, that in  LA-LA-LAND Sundays are for brunch or for the not glamorous but necessary laundry.


How would you feel if I tell you that you can now get glammed like a movie star in the comfort of your own home? Sounds amazing, right. Ladies, Mobile Style makes this glamorous dream come true. Put on your robe, get a glass of wine, and let the beauty expert take care of you.


With Mobile Styles, you, your friends, and even your partner can join you for a full day or an hour of spa treatment. All depends on your time and needs because Mobile Styles has hundreds of professionals in hair, makeup, and beauty care ready to offer you the real Hollywood treatment.  The best is that you don’t need to book for weeks or days in advance, just an hour.


Now, we can get glammed and look fabulous for the last minute date night, the last minute event  “Can you be my plus one?” or the last minute work meeting. We can light up some candles, play some romantic music, and book a couples massage - it's the perfect anniversary plan. How about, girls night in! Pajama party, champagne, and gossip while you and your friends are getting manicure and pedicure done.

Mobile Styles doesn’t only make our “on-the-go” lifestyle easier, it makes our special days more fun.  Download the app, register and book your favorite professional.



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With MOBILESTYLES a good time is any time.

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