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Going On A First Date Here are Some Fun Ideas

Going On A First Date? Here are Some Fun Ideas

Release the pressure you're feeling to meet this person for the first time. We're giving you a helpful list of fun first date ideas to break the ice!


First dates can come with a lot of nerves. Between questioning your looks and if you're wearing the right outfit, you also wonder if the person you’re going on a date with is going to live up to your expectations. There’s a lot of thought involved! Now I know it isn’t always like this, in fact, sometimes a first date is the easiest one because it’s exciting to get to know someone. Either way, no matter how you’re feeling about this event, there’s no need to feel unsettled about what you guys should do together... instead, leave that part up to me.

1. Casual and Comfy

If you and your date are looking for something casual where you can chat and goof around, I recommend doing something active and outside. For example, go for a hike or venture to the beach with a picnic for two. This way you guys can get to know each other better and not have the pressure of spending money or picking a place you both like to eat. You could also take this idea and add a little spin to it and go bowling or to an arcade to add a little flair to the casual date.  


2. A little more fancy

While casual is fun, it isn’t for everyone. So, if you or your date are expecting something a little more planned, head to a restaurant neither of you has been to so it’s exciting for you both. Afterward, if the date is going well and you two are hitting it off, go to an outdoor bar and enjoy the end of the day together. This way you can prolong the date without adding any additional pressure of what’s next.

3. The daytime date

Now my favorite idea for a date is a daytime date. Night time dates can add more stress for me because it’s hard to make it last longer once the night ends. So, if you’re anything like me and want to spend your Saturday getting to know someone, take them to your favorite lunch spot followed by a museum. Museums or art galleries can be super fun for a first date because it opens your eyes to see what this person is and isn’t interested in... and who knows, maybe you’ll find yourselves giggling together at some ridiculous painting.


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