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April Showers Things to Do while itrsquos Raining Outside

April Showers: Things to Do while it’s Raining Outside

Sometimes rain puts a damper on our plans and we feel like there's nothing we can do. Wrong! Here are 3 fun things to do while it's raining outside.



This past winter has been one heck of a rainy one, and if April is anything like that, we can only hope that May provides us with blooming florals that we can fill our Instagrams with. Now I am a huge fan of the rain, trust me. I love cuddling up and watching movies all day long while the clouds gloom over, thunder booms, and rain smacks the window creating a comfortable white noise in the background. However, when it starts to become a regular weather occurrence, I find myself bored, tired, and frankly at a loss of things to do.

So, instead of letting that happen next time Los Angeles decides to have a month or two of rain, I have come up with a list of activities. This list is for those of you who find yourself questioning if you’ve become extremely lazy after the third or fourth movie on the couch, or if it’s just simply the weather we are having.


  1. GO to the movies
    If you are in a city, chances are there is a cool retro theater around that is playing an old classic. So, instead of finding yourself scrolling through Netflix on the couch wondering what the heck is next, get up, put on some pants, and find an old school theater playing a movie you have yet to hear of. This’ll get you out of the rain and exploring a place you might not otherwise go check out... two birds with one stone!

  2. Bowling
    Everyone loves a good bowling alley. Whether you actually enjoy the bowling portion of it or not is up for debate, but with a group of friends, any sort of event like this is a good time. So, send out a group text and get your crew together for a little competition... or just a little social experiment. Plus, bowling alleys are now super trendy so it could help you out with a hip new Instagram post.

  3. Craft & Cook
    Between sewing patches on your ripped jeans and making a new Lasagna recipe, there is very little room for boredom here. With crafts, you can find yourself creating all sorts of things that will also make your apartment super cute later. Additionally, cooking will get you warm AND have your apartment smelling delicious, and who knows, maybe you’ll have leftovers for the rest of the week! Either way, both are fun and both have a cleanup requirement which will also help pass the time.  


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