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Another Birthday Party Herersquos a Gift Guide

Another Birthday Party? Here’s a Gift Guide!

Stressed about another present you need to buy? We're giving you the ultimate birthday party gift guide to make a big impression on the birthday girl!


No matter what time of year it is, there always seems to be another birthday coming and going. Whether it’s one of my closest friends celebrations or someone who simply resides in my life, I always seem to forget to plan accordingly for this event. Everyone likes to feel special on their birthday, even if they say they don’t care, meaning that just the smallest gift can make a lasting difference.

So, throughout these past few years, as life has seemingly become more hectic, I have come up with a little trick, as well as a gift guide that can pretty much work across the board for all of your friends. The trick that I have so sneakily come up with is buying gifts throughout the year, even if they aren’t for a specific person or occasion, and stashing them away for when the time is right. So basically, I consistently have a little gift up my sleeve just in case I forget to go grab that gift for the birthday party that I RSVP’d to weeks ago... or in other words, expecting the unexpected.

However, while this trick works a good amount of the time, there are other times when I feel like actually going out and retrieving a gift for that friends birthday, which is where my flawless gift guide comes in... you can thank me later.


1. Soma Double Wall Glass Tea and Coffee Brew Bottle

This bottle has changed my life. I am able to make my coffee as strong as I like, and then carry it with me wherever I go. The best part about this is, unlike other to-go coffee mugs, you make your coffee or tea directly into this bottle, screw the top on and get going!

2. Rose Quartz Roller

These items aren’t just the hype amongst all Instagram influencers, but they are the hype for an absolute reason. They make you feel fresh-faced and depuffed almost immediately... especially if you put them in the freezer between uses. This is the perfect gift for anyone because who wants to be all puffy and tired looking? Not this chick.
3. Slip Silk Pillowcase

I don’t care who you are, a silk pillowcase is an absolute game-changer in the sleeping world. Another plus, aside from the obvious comfort, it helps with reducing wrinkles and lines on your face, along with hair breakage that might be caused by a regular pillowcase.

4. Kate McLeod The Daily Stone

This stone is a moisturizer that melts onto your skin simply by your body heat... and it smells delicious. The best part about it is it reduces plastic that is put onto the Earth by regular lotion bottles.


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