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Let MOBILESTYLES Elevate Your Road Trip Experience

Let MOBILESTYLES Elevate Your Road Trip Experience

Road trips — depending on a few things, you either love them or you hate them. Here’s how to make your upcoming road trip experience a memorable one!


What comes to mind when you hear road trip? Fun, adventure, partying, site seeing, friends, food and driving. Lots of driving! A road trip is just that, a long distance journey on the road. Most road trips consist of travel from state to state, but even jumping in an automobile and driving up the coast of California makes for a grand road trip.

Whether you set out on your road trip solo in a compact car, or fit fifteen people in a recreational vehicle, there are certain things you need to consider before embarking on the highway. Things such as packing belongings, sleep lodges if needed, food and plenty of spending money for gas and accessories are crucial for a successful road trip. Let’s not forget about health and beauty.  For most people, health and beauty come into play as pivotal elements that cannot be ignored. Think camping. Even when you’re roughing it outdoors and taking in the sweet smells of mother nature, health and beauty matter.

To make your road trip even more enjoyable and meaningful, let Mobile Styles assist you along your driving path. Let’s say your road trip begins in Los Angeles and you plan to travel north through California, Oregon, and into the state of Washington, how amazing would it be to get a haircut, massage, or a post-road trip facial? With Mobile Styles, you can get these services whether you're in LA, San Jose, Portland, or Seattle.


Mobile Styles' licensed health and beauty experts travel to you. As you concentrate on your road trip travels, leave your beauty driving to the Mobile Styles experts. Whether you request your beautification sessions at rest stops or hotel suites, or in the comfort of your recreational vehicle, Mobile Styles PROs will leave you looking and feeling your best during your exciting road trip experience. If you spend a day at the beach and need to get made up for a fancy evening of dining and dancing, you’re covered by merely a tap of a button. Download the Mobile Styles app for relaxing, rejuvenating sessions of glitz and glam.


Whether you’re embarking on a road trip for recreational purposes and a much-needed vacation or visiting relatives who live far away or perhaps you and your family are moving to a new state, your mind (as well as your vehicle) will most likely be traveling a mile a minute. Eliminate taxing your brain with your grooming habits by leaving them to the professionals. After all, just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you don’t need to look lovely and rested in the process!



With so many highways in California and across the United States, and so many makes and models of cars to choose from, planning and embarking on a successful road trip should make for loads of fun! Invite Mobile Styles health, wellness, and beauty PROs to your planned destinations and take your grooming experience to a whole, new level. Road trips are meant to be enjoyed. So enjoy your driving excursions, and leave your “beauty” driving to Mobile Styles!

Mobile Styles, the leading on-demand Beauty & Health app in the United States, delivers talented professionals to any location at any time! Our amazing app allows Clients and PROs to connect instantly anywhere in the Pacific Northwest!

Whether you are a client looking for on-demand service in the comfort of your home, at your office or while just relaxing outdoors, our PROs’ attention to detail and customer satisfaction are only a tap away!

The Mobile Styles app has amazing PROs that offer: Barber, Braids, Color, Eyelash Extensions, Hair Stylists, Kids Haircuts, Makeup, Massage, Nails, Skin Care, Tanning, Threading, Twists, Waxing, Weaves and more than 100+ services to choose from.

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