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Male Makeup Artists Whos Who in YouTubes Top 10

Male Makeup Artists… Who’s Who in YouTube’s Top 10!

Makeup isn’t just for the ladies. The boys have weighed in, and their fearless and creative looks have inspired us all.

Makeup isn’t just for the ladies. The boys have weighed in, and their fearless and creative looks have inspired us all. Social media has brought forth a whole host of male makeup artists to follow, and I must say these top 10 YouTube makeup sensations could be some of the best teachers we could have asked for!


  1. Manny MUA

Manny MUA is one of the most recognized faces on YouTube and Instagram. His makeup looks are effortlessly chic. Just the highlighting alone will stop you mid-scroll. If you are looking for a way to make your face pop, then he is your guy!

  1. Patrick Starrr

Patrick Starrr screams beauty, and his YouTube page is no different. His looks range from soft and beautiful to edgy and glamorous. Whichever look he does, its flawless and totally re-creatable. Patrick has worked with celebs but his videos remain down-to-earth and a joy to learn from!


  1. Alex Faction

He is the authority on fantasy super villain type makeup but can also beat the face of a bridal party. This extremely talented makeup artist will teach you how to apply the best Halloween makeup I’ve ever seen. Follow his channel, and you’ll never be bored!

  1. Jordan Liberty

Can you say glossy eye? This guy takes alluring eyes to the next level with his otherworldly looks. And there is always an emphasis on the eyes. If you are in need of a little lesson on how to make your eyes pop, it gets no better than Jordan Liberty.

  1. Wayne Goss

This is what the top of your makeup game looks like! Not only does he have his online of makeup brushes, but he shows us how to achieve the looks of our favorite celebrities flawlessly. Following Wayne could possibly be the best move for you if you want to step your makeup game.

  1. James Charlesimage

James Charles made Covergirl headlines as a young makeup phenom and Covergirl’s first “Coverboy!” He caught the eye of many when he decided to wear makeup for his senior photo. Nowadays his YouTube (and Instagram) is exploding with makeup looks, guest makeup artists, and daily routines, all for his 16 million-plus followers.

  1. Angel Merino

Angel Merino is striking in his own way. He is a celebrity makeup artist but doesn’t forget about the rest of us who really need his tips! He goes by @mac_daddy instead of Angel, and once you find his social media you’ll wonder how you ever missed it!

  1. Zachary Edward

This style maven is known not only for his impeccable fashion sense but for his makeup application skills as well. His look is bold but totally wearable. Keep an eye out for him and his cool pixie haircut.


  1. Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star is probably one of the most famous male makeup artists since the beginning of social media. He makes a ton of waves in the makeup world, but his skills are undeniable!

  1. Thomas Halbert

Thomas Halbert has one of the most interesting approaches to makeup. His fearless looks are only complimented by his fearless YouTube channel. He gives you the down low on all the latest beauty products as well as his opinion on how good or not so good they are. If you want an uncensored breakdown on makeup and some inspired looks. He’s your guy!

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