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10 Instafamous Male Makeup Artists We All Need to Follow

10 Instafamous Male Makeup Artists We All Need to Follow!

We love following makeup artists and seeing the beautiful looks they create. These 10 insta-famous male makeup artists are setting the bar extremely high.

Instagram has quickly become one of the sources for inspiration, self-expression, and hilarious videos. When it comes to fashion and makeup, not only do we have the fiercest female makeup artists and entrepreneurs to look to for inspiration, but the boys are making their mark in the makeup world as well! If you are looking for a new everyday look or some intergalactic cosplay-inspired makeup, then these guys are definitely the ones to follow!


  1. Bretman Rock

He’s hilarious and super talented. His makeup looks are beautiful and innovative but that laugh! From the looks of his Instagram page, his go-to looks are great for glam! His Instagram photos and videos will have you coming back for more if you are one to go out on the town a lot.

  1. Jake - The Beauty Boy

Jake is not your normal makeup artist, what draws me to him is the beauty products he uses. You’ll see that he does dabble in makeup artistry with lots of color and imagination, but he was originally known for his natural beauty. And who doesn’t need to know the latest in skincare?

  1. Jonysios

This young makeup magician is as real as it gets. He not only shows us what a perfect makeup application looks like, but he also shares his makeup fails and faux pas so that we can all feel a little better about ourselves. Besides that, his looks are out of this world. So if you are looking for something fun and exciting, follow this guy!


  1. Jack Emory

Jack Emory teaches you just how he learned to apply makeup like a pro all on his own. He may have taught himself but you would never know. His makeup applications are flawless. If you are interested in becoming as good as he is without having to go to school for what can seem like forever, follow him!   

  1. Miguel Ghalichi

Talk about stunning! Miguel Ghalichi is a master at working his cheekbones and a wizard at highlighting his eyes. He was on the show Glam Masters, and we can see why. I suspect great things from this one so he may be one to watch out for.

  1. Alex James

Alex James’ Instagram page is giving us daytime glam. This is one of the go-to pages for those who are looking for a simple understated glam or natural beauty inspired look!


  1. Alannized

His energy is intoxicating, and you can feel his passion through the phone. And to top it off his makeup application skills are second to none. His looks are mostly daytime glam, but he does have a few looks you can rock for a night out!

  1. Dominic Porras

His makeup up looks are fire! And sometimes literally, fire. He dabbles in creative makeup quite a bit, but you can also find a couple of cool looks you can rock on a daily basis.

  1. Kevin Rupard

Kevin Rupard’s fantasy makeup is a sight to see. His beautiful renditions of the sky, interesting concepts with color and black and white, as well as his artistic looks, will have you fixated on his page for hours. I’m thinking I have found my makeup inspiration for Halloween!


  1. Michael Finch

The hilarious Michael Finch is known for drop-dead gorgeous makeup looks. He can even rock the some of the best looks I’ve ever seen in a full beard and mustache. And boy does he have a way with eye makeup!  

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