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MOBILESTYLES Gives Great Perks at Work for Your Employees

MOBILESTYLES Gives Great Perks at Work for Your Employees

Running low on new perks for your employees? It's time to try something new!

We’ve all had our fair share of employee perks. Some you love and some you can do without. To be honest, perks are some of the things that cause us to take a job in the first place. But what do you do when the perks don’t work anymore?


Try something new!

One thing that you can’t argue with is people love to relax. People love to be pampered. And people love to be taken care of, especially when they spend so much of their lives working to take care of other people like their loved ones. Mobile Styles has found a way to help companies show their employees how much they matter. Through their corporate partnership program, companies can give employees the luxury of being pampered with Mobile Styles. Mobile Styles is an on-demand health and beauty brand that brings vetted professionals to wherever you are. So why not bring them to your job. This is a great way to say thank you for all the hard work your employees put in day after day.  

Mobile Styles also offers discounts for companies that partner with them through the program. So let’s say you decide that everyone in the office deserves a massage one day during the week. You can book a handful of massage therapists, depending on the size of your company, through the Mobile Styles partnership program and save. Your employees get to enjoy a relaxing massage, and you get to provide a perk that most companies rarely provide. You can go even further with this. Mobile Styles offers twenty-six services for you to choose from. Not all of them will work for the corporate office setting but you can always work around that. You can also hand out Mobile Styles gift cards during a company events and as a gift for a job well done. That way your employee can enjoy a treatment on the bosses dime. Trust me, they’ll love you for it!


Pair this perk with other things on your list like an “office day out” at a golf course, a company cruise, or a perk program that allows employees to earn rewards toward things like plane tickets to Europe or an extra bonus!

If you have ever run out of ideas when it comes to company rewards and perks, then Mobile Styles may be just the thing you’re looking for. Contact the Partnership Department and start planning for your first company employee appreciation event with Mobile Styles!


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