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All the Apps You Need for an On-Demand Lifestyle

All the Apps You Need for an On-Demand Lifestyle!

The new way of life is instant. To say the least, we have been spoiled with instant access and instant gratification.


The new way of life is instant. Not only do we have services that will send goods to your door, but we also have entertainment apps that give you instant access to the latest and hottest television shows and movies. To say the least, we have been spoiled with instant access and instant gratification. Chance has it, that if you are a techy person or someone who loves convenience, you have seen your fair share of apps that allow you to order whatever you want to your door. But in order to lead the ultimate on-demand life, you have got to get in on the best apps and services out there. And we have the dish on the latest and the greatest!

  1. Amazon Prime

Prime is not only the holy grail of “random goods” delivery services, but it also adds a ton of perks to its subscribers like Prime video, free fast delivery, as well as Prime pantry which is a grocery delivery service. Amazon is well on its way to making itself a one-stop shop on-demand services so the quicker you get in on this, the quicker you’ll benefit from all it has to offer.

  1. Mobile Styles

The beauty on-demand app sends licensed and vetted health and beauty professionals to your door! Yep, you read that correctly. They offer a ton of services including massages, manicures, hair styling services, and more. What that means for you is, you can create your own glam squad in seconds from your smartphone. You get to see exactly how it feels to live in a celebrity’s shoes!


  1. Lyft

Ridesharing is not a new phenomenon, enter taxi services here, but ordinary people pulling together to create a different kind of ridesharing experience is! Companies like Lyft have made it possible for regular people like you and me to drive people from place to place without the hassle of traditional taxi services. Some drivers even see it as a networking opportunity. I mean, you never know who you are going to meet!

  1. Netflix and Hulu

If you don’t have both of these, where have you been? I would like to say just one service will do, but if you know something about either of these companies, you know that Hulu gives you more options and Netflix has such good original content that you can’t simply pass it up. Both are relatively low in price and are almost making cable obsolete!  

  1. Wag

You don’t even have to walk your dog anymore. With an app like Wag, you can make an appointment through the convenience of an app and have someone from Wag come and walk old Sparky for you.  

These are just a few services you can use to make your life just a little bit easier. The on-demand world is growing year after year, and you can expect to see some more services pop up in this booming industry!

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