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5 Trendy Food Choices for Better Skin

5 Trendy Food Choices for Better Skin!

When it comes to your skin, you really are what you eat. Anything your body absorbs can show up on your face.

When it comes to your skin, you really are what you eat. Anything your body absorbs can show up on your face. That’s why it’s so important to eat a balanced and healthy diet. We have all seen the usual recommendations. We have tried the blueberry parfaits and superfood salads. They have been great, but they aren’t the only beauty foods out there. Say hello to these unusual alternatives!


  1. Oat milk

Oat is known for soothing the skin and reducing redness so we can imagine how great the effect would have on your skin. Some people don’t like the fat content that comes along with the dairy alternative, i.e. nut milk, so they have turned to the oat alternative. This "milk" is waistline-friendly and good for your skin!

  1. Snacks from the sea

Seaweed, kelp, and other underwater dwellings are big business when it comes to the health food industry. Not only do they taste pretty good, blend well in smoothies, and come at an affordable price, but they also keep you looking and feeling good. Minerals from the sea, found in sea-based snacks, are like the fountain of youth on steroids. These foods not only give you energy but they help beautify the skin.


  1. CBD infused foods

CBD oil, which is different from THC,  is a rising fad if we’ve ever seen one. The difference is, that this may not be a fad at all. Many people claim that CBD oil has helped them with various health issues and even doctors are turning to it for help with their patients. Science is still working on it, but the response from the general public had been overwhelming. It contains antioxidants like vitamin E which is known for helping the skin in a ton of ways.

  1. Collagen

Not only are people taking collagen in the pill form, but it is also now known as a popular addition to smoothies and protein shakes alike. Collagen works to boost the skin’s elasticity and also helps with joints.  

  1. Bee Pollen

A-list celebrities swear by bee pollen, and we are beginning to see why. Not only does it help with a host of health problems but it is also known for giving skin a youthful radiant glow.

These foods are not only tasty, but they can be used topically as well.  If you are sick of shoving berries by the fistful into your mouth, you have options. Try these out for yourself! They are great options for keeping your skin looking and feeling fresh from the inside out!

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