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Little Ways to Show Those You Love a Little Extra Love

Little Ways to Show Those You Love a Little Extra Love

It's important to remember to let the people in your life know how much you love them. You can show extra love with these 3 tips!

imageImage by Nick Fewings with Unsplash

Love comes in many forms. Through family bonds, romantic relationships, old friendships, blossoming friendships, and any other type of relationship you can think of... but how often do we express that love? Of course, if you’re anything like me, I do what I can to tell the people in my life that I love them, but it’s rare I find myself seeking out a time to truly show them that. I mean the oldest saying in the book is “Actions speak louder than words.” I’ve heard it a thousand times, and when you start to notice how sometimes people's actions don’t play off what they’re saying, this saying becomes the truest thing you’ll ever hear.

So, as of recently, I have decided that it is extremely important to show those in my life that I love them, rather than just simply blurting it out when I’m hanging up the phone, and I think you should too. Now I don’t mean going out of your way to purchase things for people or exhaust yourself trying to do this, but little things can really go a long way.

Write them a letter

The idea of writing someone a letter can be an intimidating thing. Simply because, well to me anyway, it seems like every letter I’ve ever written is a long saga about emotions and life, but it doesn’t have to be like that. In fact, if you find old friends' face pop into your head, simply grab a piece of paper and write them a little note with a short anecdote about a memory you have of you two. This not only reminds them of a happy time but receiving snail mail goes a lot further than a quick text.

imageImage by Pietro de Grandi with Unsplash

Get them a cookie or a coffee

An easy way to show appreciation is to get someone a baked good. In this situation, you don’t necessarily need to “love” the person, but by showing up with a little cookie shows some appreciation. For example, the other day my boss came back from lunch and brought me a chocolate chip cookie... a small gesture but dang did it improve my work day.  

Invite them out

There’s nothing better than getting a text or call from someone I adore, asking me to go on an adventure with them. Even if I am busy, just knowing they thought of me to attend their outing adds a little love in my heart. So give your loved one(s) a call and invite them on a hike or to drinks. It’ll show them you care.  


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