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A Poor Manrsquos Workout Get a good workout with little

A Poor Man’s Workout: Get a good workout with little $$

We all have a desire to get into our fitness bag and work on our health, but gym membership prices are steep. Introducing: the poor man's workout.

Ever wanted to go burn a few calories without burning a hole in your wallet? It’s tough to find a good workout that’s not top dollar. I’ve tried just about everything in the book, so I’m here to save you the time and effort, and simply give you the answers.

1. The Santa Monica Stairs

Located at 699 Adelaide Dr., the Santa Monica Stairs can be anything from your day off cardio, to your hardest workout of the week. The two sets of stairs, one wood the other cement, provide about 200 steps that make your thighs and butt burn the same way your $30 spin class does. The steps are accessible and free 24/7, giving you no excuse but to run up and down them until your legs become noodles.

2. Paseo Miramar Hike

Paseo Miramar Trailhead is located at 865 Vista Pacifica St. in the Palisades. The hike is about 5-miles round trip. The 2-2.5-mile incline leads you up to benches that graces you with the illusion that you’re hovering above the ocean in Malibu. And let’s be honest, people only really hike for the views they see at the top. As an added bonus, treat yourself to a variety of restaurants at the Malibu Country Mart to kill that hard-earned hunger.

3. Los Liones Canyon Hike

This beautiful hike is on the easier and shorter side, leading you up to the same view as Paseo Miramar. Perfectly attuned for the quick 45-minute lunch break where you need to sweat out some of that early morning coffee you chugged. The trailhead is located at 510 Los Liones Dr. in the Palisades and the view is well worth the drive!

4. The Culver City Stairs

With a similar concept as the Santa Monica Stairs, the Culver City staircase provides around 300 steps that lead to a scenic overlook that is worth the intense cardio commitment. The stairs are located near Culver City and give the locals a chance to get a good workout without emptying their wallet.

Finding time for yourself is important, and to do it outside is a blessing. It gives you the chance to reflect on what you’re enjoying day to day, and what needs to change or stay the same to maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s taking time to work out or get your hair and nails done, Mobile Styles is here to help you find that extra hour and provide you with on-demand beauty.


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