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3 Candles That Will Make Your Home Smell Delicious

3 Candles That Will Make Your Home Smell Delicious

Everything from black astronomy matches to beautiful, long lasting candles.

1. Voluspa Baltic Amber

This candle is lit in my apartment almost 100% of the time I’m home. Its scent is created through a mix of amber resin, sandalwood, and vanilla orchid. I have burned through three of these within two months. I’m in love with it! It isn’t overpowering but it does enough to make you feel cozy and clean. The yellow glass jar the candle is in is also great for decoration, which adds another layer of awesomeness! You can purchase this charming candle at Anthropologie. Its price ranges from $10 for a 3.2 oz and $28 for a 16 oz.

2. Skeem Design White Tea + Thyme

Skeem Design sells everything from black astronomy matches to beautiful, long lasting candles. The white tea and thyme flavor is one of my favorite candles. The jar is a smoky white glass with intricate wooden lid carved with flowers and birds. Its smell stands out a little stronger than the Baltic Amber and gives more of a summery, floral feel to your room. With the fresh scent it lets off, it is hard to go wrong with this candle! You can purchase it on Skeem Design's website or at the Mercenary General Store in downtown Santa Monica for $46.

3. Madewell Fig Leaf Large Tin Candle

The Madewell candles made a strong appearance in my apartment this winter. All the new scents they came out with were everything from fresh to winter wonderland feels. My personal favorite of the bunch was the Fig Leaf scent. It's a mixture of bergamot, lemon, fig fruit, amber, and musk which creates a scent that lingers in the best way possible. The simple decoration of the tin jar is a nice aspect and could sit anywhere in my apartment without making too much of a decorative scene. You can buy this fantastic scent from Madewell for $16, along with their wild currant, mountain sage, and aloe blossom candles. 


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