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Four Apps You Need on Your Phone

Four Apps You Need on Your Phone

"Do you got games on your phone?" The MOBILESTYLES App is for everyone. Check out all the apps you need on your phone right now!

1. Hopper

Hopper is for the spontaneous traveler in you, the one who is looking for a deal on a rad vacation! This app analyzes millions of flights that inform users when the best time is to purchase a ticket at its lowest price point. The user is able to type in a place they are interested in traveling to with a broad range of dates they are available. Hopper does its thing to help you make it happen. The app basically is here to help you save money and explore the world!

2. Mobile Styles

Mobile Styles is for everyone – from the go-getter dad who needs to clean up the 'stache to the lazy student who forgot to book her nail appointment before formal. This app provides users with the chance to book an appointment with a pro who meets them in the comfort of their home or office. Mobile Styles provides multiple different services in the beauty and wellness industries and gives its users the gift of on-demand professionals. I mean who doesn’t want to get their work done before the deadline while bumping up those highlights? Two birds, one stone.

3. WannaGo

WannaGo is a much-needed app for those of you who want to try new places. Search for restaurants with “the best eggs benedict in LA” and check out hidden gems that you were blatantly unaware of. This app gives the user the ability to plug in restaurants near me, as well as introduces them to new places and areas in their city. As a newcomer to LA, this app has been a game changer for me and opened my eyes to places that the locals weren’t even aware of!

4. Yelp

I’m sure a majority of you have heard of Yelp, or probably even use it, but for those of you that don’t let me tell you, it’s killer. Yelp is basically an app in which customers rate and review restaurants, giving others the chance to see how it is before going. The Yelp user is able to see images of the food before ordering, see what times the restaurant is busiest, make reservations, and most importantly give the restaurant a rating and review that they will actually read. Some places even give the customer a percentage off their meal if they review it on Yelp, so why the heck wouldn’t you try it?


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