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These Are the Top 10 Beauty Schools in America

These Are the Top 10 Beauty Schools in America

Thinking of starting your career in the beauty industry? We gathered a list of the top 10 beauty schools in the nation. Good luck!

Often times we see these beautiful people and think, “Oh they have good genes, or they have a good team behind them to make them look that way.” Well, a lot of the time they do have a team. And their team starts with lots of training, practice and the right education.


Whether you want to do hair, nails, facials, or become a barber, there is always a place you can go to get the right training for you. There is no better teacher than those who have been where you want to go. You’ll find them in schools as well as in the world. You can start with a school like the ones mentioned below as well as working in the shop that offers you the experience you’ll want to have by the time you graduate.

  1. Paul Mitchell Schools

This school has been around for ages. They offer programs within the Skin Academy, Nail Academy, Cosmetology as well as the Barbering program. They also have in person as well as online support.

  1. The Aveda Institute

The Aveda Institute offers Esthetician, Massage, and Cosmetology programs at various locations. They offer employment opportunities and their innovative methods are second to none!

  1. Empire Beauty Schools


This accredited beauty school is one of the nation’s leading school in cosmetology and have been around for 80 years. They are dedicated to their students and offer programs in esthetics, cosmetology, and they also have a specific program for cosmetology educators.

  1. The Sassoon Academy

The Sassoon Academy has been around for 60 years, offering a comprehensive course load for hair care, including cut and color. They help students to build successful careers as well as unwavering support in their pursuit of excellence within the industry!


  1. The Ogle Schools

The Ogle school is located in Texas with 8 different campuses in the state. They have day and night time classes, financial aid, and programs in esthetics and cosmetology.

  1. Artistic Nails and Beauty Academy

The Artistic Nails and Beauty Academy is located in Florida and has been around for 34 years. They offer programs such as barbering, massage therapy, nails, esthetics, cosmetology, and spa therapist. This well-rounded school can get you on the right path!

  1. Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers


This school has been around for over 40 years and offers the following programs - cosmetology, esthetics, barber, massage therapy, and electrology. This school also allows you to complete a double concentration in two of their offered programs, helping you to diversify your skill set and double your earning potential!

  1. ASM Beauty World Academy

ASM Beauty World Academy is located in Hollywood, Florida. They offer eight programs including a full specialist program, skin care, barbering, and instructor training. This school also helps with job placement once you complete your program which is a huge help to graduates.  

  1. Xenon International Academy

Xenon International Academy is a beauty school in Nebraska that caters to those looking to start a career in esthetics and/or cosmetology. They have been supporting students for 30 years. They combine the best of the health beauty industry when it comes to skin!

  1. The New Beginning College of Cosmetology

This school has its message built right into the name! This school offers a cosmetology program and a cosmetology instructor program. They also have a salon available where the students can get hands-on experience while in school!

These are some of the best schools for health and beauty services within the industry. Schools, salons, and beauty stores like Sephora, are all good places to start. And these schools help you get to the top of your game so you can become the beauty professional you have always wanted to be!

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